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Jun 7, 2009 | 11:23 AM EDT

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Invasion from Hell: Survival is a tower defense style game that offers strategic control over soldiers during battle. You can name your soldier, upgrade, and equip them with various attributes that will aid you in victory. The game takes place over 7 days(210waves) during an apocalyptic demonic invasion set in Africa. Your goal is to hold off waves of incoming demons as they try to break through your fortified headquarter entrance. You must protect your base at all costs! The campaign for human survival is taking place right now. JOIN THE FIGHT!



Rated 1 / 5 stars

aye i raly dont get the clicky part? i was upgrading and stuff but howd i random move a guy? and y wont anything move them?


Rated 5 / 5 stars


The game glitched seriously, it said i had more than 10K levels ?_? and then 6 random soldiers spawned, not 2 xD anyway, ITs AWESUM! good game :D ummm i can't think of what to point it, since all had been said :P


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A pause button! Nice!

I played it, it is good. Don't listen to the person below, obviously he did not play long enough to find out what each thing did. The "armour" increased ammo capacity or speed, so it was cool. The guns were quite good, but the layout was shit. I hadf to keep swapping pages to see the guns. Maybe put it like a SMGs, Pistols, Rifles, Heavy Weapons slection type. The stats were not too good though. They were not not needed, but they did make you kinda work to get the gun you wanted. I did not know what you'd need for intelligence though (it is just a point at enemy, pull trigger thing). The demons were OK, a nice variety to keep me playing and the graphics were pretty good. There was a lot of glirches though. Anyone notice the two extra soldiers you get? they don't do anything but take up a horrendous amount of space, which was dissapointing.
There did not seem to be enough supplies in the level though. Maybe every 10 waves have some sort of restock? And gun turrets? And possibly open the gate to put traps, barbed wire, and machine gun pits in? Also, a variety of soldiers instead of stocking up on attributes instead. It would be far easier to play and lees comments like below would appear. Though an easier ammo gauge would be better, I quickly learned it. Also, a quicksave/autosave feature after every 10 waves would be good. If it wasn't for the wave gauge on the screen I would of quickly lost track


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dovganovskiy responds:

thx a loy ! You cheer me up!
It is my first TD game. If it will be popular i will addyour ideas.
But tommorow i will add swapping pages.
Thank you very much!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

The interface is clumsy,

Its basic, yet decent. But slow paced. Lack info for everything. Interface takes too long to navigate; need shortcuts.

mouse wheel zoom in and out, found it by accident.
No easy way to get back to main screen when a actor is selected.. must hit "train" then cancel. Spacebar could works nicely for that.

need in-game information and controls; stat effects (with so many ennemies, i never noticed a change with my stats.. since they are all alike, and we get no way of knowing if acc or dmg increase or whatever.) i would like to see hp bars or small popup numers to actually see my stuff get better.

We can make actors clip in eachother; just wait for one to walk to get supplies, then move one in his place before he comes back...

Do supplies regenerate? Or are we supposed to survive hell with handguns, no repairs and limited supplies with 10 dudes?

"block" placement is larger than the circle actually is... lots of free space. If you are gonna play like that i want a button to show me the grid.

Stats as limit to equipment?! Would not be so bad if the list wasnt so long and slow to navigate... We MUST know what we are aiming at to get new stuff ASAP, or else we stagnate in power (speading points around) and lose.
I would prefer a level based-system rather than stats limit (keep stats to boost some element of our mens anyway).. with X level ups several guns are unlocked at once, to give us a tactical choice rather that a new gun for every new step.

Why armor? if the gate fall arent we basicaly dead? What does it do?

What does the ammo counter means.. its like 10-10-0.. but what is what?! having two guns doesnt change anything.. just another set of numbers..
And frankly we dont need to know that: make it a simple "ammo left" bar.. its less confusing.

What do each stat change? Too much guesswork!!!!

Intelligence seems useless for almost everything... and anyway... why intelligence? Are my mens so weak and dumb they cant use a gun and wear pants?! That is just a detail.. but it lack coherency imho. Are we a angry mob of civilians or a elite group of soldier defending the gates?!

What are the stats for guns/equipment/stuff?! For weapons is it the little block at the second page of guns?! That is the kind of thing we need to see at a glance when we select a guy, not hiden behind 5 pages of random stuff.

What is the point of having armor and boots? We dont know what these things do, and their "cost" is so long, expensive, and complicated to reach its pointless to risk it. In other words; give full item description with the popup for equipment and guns, and also make it accessible (the information/current stats, lvl up, dont need a whole page for that..) from the first menu when we select a soldier.

For lvl up; make it a first page acess (no train button), we see current STR, AGI, INT and select the one to boost. all it takes is merely a single click without losing sight of the action.

bug; whoever is at the left have deafening sounds; the horde of soldiers all shoot.. sound faint.., but the guy at the left sound like hes shooting in your ears

dovganovskiy responds:

I will add "spasebar", healthbar for enemies, And i will try to addsome information about stats (strength for requirments, agility for accuracy, intellect for range and critical hits)
Armor is just "not correct word"
Sorry about my english (i'm from russia)
Thank u for suggestions
I hope u will increase rating after improvements ;)


Rated 2 / 5 stars


it was good but just way to easy, no one got past the first 2 guys all the way infront, so it get boring since i have no sence of danger, also i noticed that you keep asking people for ideas, and thats a good idea for a sequal, but this game shoulndt have a sequel, infact idk why you even made a second part, also something you should know, in a game where you never get hit, its not a good idea to make us get stat requierments to wear armor, since we really dont need it, what we do need are guns and lots of them.

dovganovskiy responds:

It is not armors :) Equipment will increase your ammo capacity.
When i made my first game , it was very difficult, and everyone says that it is very hard. This game is easy untill 3rd level (90 waves) . Then game start!