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Like a Brother

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We were originally contacted to do a music video to "With This Ship" which was soon replaced with this song "Like a Brother" by the Australian Band "The Basics". After months of not knowing what the hell to make to the song, followed by months of hard work this was the final result. The band enjoyed this video and we hope you enjoy this video too. :>

Also any australian viewers, look out for the video on "Rage" and "Video Hits" in the not too distant future.

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One of your best!

I could tell from the crazy looking silhouettes that this was going to be something great! I was impressed at every minute of this piece of art, because of the great animation. The song may not have been my favorite, but the flash was so awesome I didn't care. It was really cool to see how much of a story this had, and all the crazy things going on. I think that this is some of ZekeySpaceyLizard's best character (or monster) designs. This manages to be extremely cool showing off a lot of great art!

I rarely do reviews...

But this time I had to say something.

First off, I thank you for introducing me to a great band with your awesome work.

Now, to the review:
Animation and style was really good in my opinion. The concept was interesting and cool. I also recognised the ship in the sea, nice. :D

this was really good

very good animation, loved the balance and colors


Totally reminds me of that.

The vid had nothing to do with the song...

...but it's hard to say if that actually made any difference. Like being fed through two stories at once, and they didn't clutter.
Cool beans indeed.

I Really love that style. I'd love to know how it was done but I guess it's not my place to pry.

Well done, mi'lawrdy!