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The Banned stadium Ep1

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Read description: before you go rate it watch the whole thing i know the first fight sucked but hey i thought it was long cause it took like 4 hours to do it. the sound effetcs are from findsounds.org
if you didnt get it heres the story: A bunch of Banned Players in maplestory are choosen and summoned together to fight for there freedom (kinda like total drama island) they have to kill each other in the tournament they dont kill they just die and end up in the infinite hell , which is some big version of hell where you hang out with a bunch of banned people? if anyone has ideas to share hey i listen.



the top says it all

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This is a bad attemt.And a bad idea for a flash.Its not creative.The Animation Sucks.And it doesnt have a plot.Think before you animate and post mr.

Hirachi responds:

uh yes it does there is a story and there is a plot and its not even constructive reveiw you wrote. and excuse me it probaly looks bad to because on youtube the use sony vegas and stuff -_-. without all that sony vegas and stuff it would look like this.


i oino wat these guys thinkin i loved it especialy the fight scenes
but the dialog was bad

here's a tip

add like a blue box behind the writing so u can see it beter
make it press space to continue to the next peice of writing cause i thot i was slow and other thought is was too fast so presing space will let people go at their own pace!

where to start

right i wasnt gonna watch this after a few seconds in, but i decided to give it a chance! you did spend time in creating it, and its ok some bits are pretty funny, however watch other peoples submissions which contain subtitles, i.e. they stick to the one color. now i know you probably changed the color so it would stand out from the background, do NOT do this! keep it all in one suit. same color, font, shadow/ no shadow! make room at the bottom of the screen to place the text rather than having the user to try and read it over a graphic background! next time consider voices! good luck in the future! :)

Hirachi responds:

i did different colors so who can tell who was talking i would use voices but my microphone headset makes me sound like a white boy

Love it

I love this flash but the words were kinda hard to read.

Hirachi responds:

thx i will work on text in next one

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2.40 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2009
8:19 PM EDT
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