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Safe cracker

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Author Comments

"Safe cracker" is a text adventure game where the objective of the game is to crack the safe by blowing it up. You have multiple tools at your disposal to do so.

There are six achievements to unlock, they are quite easy to get. You can view the achievements in the menu.
The game also includes cheats, these will help the more lazy gamers.
I have made a post on my userpage on how to get the achievements.

Please criticise my game! Tell me what is good, what is bad and what could be improved.


In order to crack the safe you need to take stuff ( take <item> ) and then place it ( place <item>) you can use ( use <item> ) the drill and the detonator. If you want to return (as in put the item back where it came from) you need to type ( return <item> ). For example if you want to take the drill, you would type: 'take drill'. And if you want to use it: 'use drill'. And if you want to return it 'return drill'.

*note: you can't place the drill. Or pick up an item that has been placed.
*note2: There is a problem with the text, please excuse me for this.

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Ahh, I see. That's why the formatting is borked, lol. Understandable, after all it WAS your first game. If you read the description it's not too hard to figure out, anyway, so all is forgiven. :)

Broken, no longer formated to work.

kcnh responds:

The game does not have the font embedded. I have lost the source files so I cannot edit it, and I do not recall which font I have used. If you have the font installed locally it will show the text correctly. This was the first game that I have released and I have learned a lot from it. :)

Needs some work

My biggest gripe with this game is that the numbers and words are simply cut off and I am not able to read them. It is also the kind of game that really needs some music. It should not be that hard to find given as how the game is pretty simple. I have played games like this and I was never a fan of them unless I knew how to win. I suggest you make the instructions a bit more clear as it was hard for me to make out what the objects shown in the game were. It was at least not terrible.

kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review, this was the first game I released. I had forgotten to include the font, because of this Flash uses the default font which makes the texts unreadable at times.

I can tell you've sort of put effort into it, but

Instructions would be helpful.
Real instructions, the ones in your description wern't clear enough.
Also, the layout was so weird, I could only ever view half the text!
Also, I could select the dynamic timer textbox. There's an option that you can change for that.

good for me

well, i understood the instructions and played the game without a walkthrough. well the game was good for me coz it can practice typing. al though, the graphics r not good. well maybe u can make the instructions clearer coz not all people can understand it. and also the text menus r in mess maybe u can fix it.
my time fastest time left is 52.
my time left at 1st is 21 coz i didnt use the walkthrough.