Parallel Memories: Teaser

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(People who don't know the meaning of the word "teaser", should probably read this!)
Teasers are usually very short in length(Between 30-60-seconds.) and usually contain little if any footage from the actual film they are from.

So, with that out of the way, now to the actual movie info!
This is going to be my best work. It's for the upcoming series "Parallel Memories".
The series will contain 95% custom/edited sprites, a LOT of voice-acting and...an actual storyline made by a drunken monkey. That's me! XD

Anyway, about this teaser, the voices are from:
Pkmn2 (Marichu)
Ran-Cossack (Psypher)
Omahdon (Jan)
Rina-chan (May)
Corsarou (Robotto)

Corsarou is the only non-NG member here, so he's not listed in the Author credits.

Ps.: There's an easter egg. Can you find it? ;D

Further Information about Parallel Memories can be found here:
http://nintentrix.blogspo t.com/2008/12/flash-movie s.html
(In the "Parallel Memories" Section)



i have a fan made character his name is well Mario man and he looks like Mario but he wears both red shirt and red overalls and of course a red hat and white gloves and the same shoes

I never undersrood the apeal of fan made character

... I'm confused ... the characters and all. Are they your avatars or something? if so I would just like to know why you choose to make a fan character, why not an origingal character all together?

also I have no clue what it's about but look pretty intreasting.
anyway just wondering you by any chance abandon this project?

Pkmn2 responds:

"Marichu" was my avatar at first, but then I took a step forward and used it in an animation. The appeal to fan made characters?

To be very honest, I am not a very fan of it. But it's simply a decision I made when I was young. I liked Mario and the Pokémon anime back then and I found VGDC. Through the years I became "creative" and started to make sprites too.

And no, I am not abandoning this one, because episode 1 is actually nearly finished.
Just check my news post on why this is taking so long.

Sprite Recolors... Original.

Nice Recolors though.


6 because you said "It's for the upcoming series "Parallel Memories"....and that was 2 years ago!!!!

Pkmn2 responds:

If you actually pay attention to the my news post, then you will understand why it is taking so damn long.

bunch of fucking recolors.

yep, shift the hue of a sonic advance spritesheet and presto, a new character. WAHEY.

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