Jet Assault

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Author Comments

You are the smallest jet of all time. You must fight the larger gets in order to show them all how amazing you really are! Well no, actually you just have this strange desire to kill everything around you or something along those lines.

Known Issues:

My first flash game so its a little sloppy.
Space bar-Fire

Hope you all enjoy it!

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Bugs and stuff

Ok, the programmer, answering the reviews below:
To: should3rs
This is his first flash game, but not mine. I have experience programming, but I suck at visual.
To: sckum555
Yes, the sound loops. Yes, the graphics are not great. No, there was no story. I appreciate your criticism.
To: lazboi
I don't know what happened. If it took you to the shop, then you won as you got shot. If it was to the main menu, then perhaps you played before we updated it. It should bring you to a game-over screen.
To: c-106mc
Thanks for the criticism.
To: rudyohio
I didn't get around to adding the menu blocker. This was made in AS2, so it has to be implemented manually. My menu blocker can be defeated though, and I will work on a permanent fix.
To: Lublub194
Yes, doom graphics. Thanks for the feedback
To: 44dman44

We will be improving it as much as possible with the 7 school days remaining to us! As for the score I gave, the average was 7, so thats what I posted.

Not bad

Its a reallly good game

raptor152 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it.


You used doom graphics... :P

Doom rockets, Doom fireballs, Doom explosions.

Nice. Haha.

Pretty fun...

raptor152 responds:


hahaha i cheated

right click then click loop then click out the right click again and click play and just keep doing that until you get to the you win page

raptor152 responds:

That will be fixed soon, thnx for finding it though.

Pretty good

The game is decent overall, a little repetitive, overall it lacked challenge, music choice was good though, only one I didn't like was the final boss music. I think you can try sprucing up the ships so they don't look as low-quality as they do. And you should fix the controls, right now movement is with the keyboard. One more suggestion, make it so you can't just go through a whole level pressing the space bar.

raptor152 responds:


Credits & Info

Waiting for 1 more votes

Jun 5, 2009
4:19 PM EDT
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