Sprouts Adventure: Teaser

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* THIS IS A TEASER VERSION- saving is not enabled.

Use your mouse to click and drag your Sprouts in their wonderful world! Follow the in game tutorials to learn more about the Sprouts Adventure: Teaser play mechanics.

- Drop Sprouts on Magic Rocks, Flowers, Weeds and Butterflies to keep your Sprouts Life Attributes as filled as possible.

- The higher your Sprouts life Attributes are, the more productive they will be when building Structures!

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Pretty Good!

+Awesome interface
+Very unique and intuitive
+Feels like a mixture between Majora's Mask, Pikmin, and WOW

-A bit long in terms of in-game time
-Achievements don't feel difficult or rewarding.

Overall, good work!


Ok heres the summery

1) The movement for this 3rd person needs to be a bit more faster.
2) wish there were a zoom in and zoom out button.
3) Wish there was an option to change Quality in options menu
4) needs Main Mission objectives.
5) Maybe an enemy tribe to defend against?

overall here's the lowdown

Graphics 9/10
Voice 9/10
Atmosphere 8/10
Mechanics 8/10

Game Overall Score 8.3/10

it was actually enjoyable i hope to see this into a full on game for the Power of 3 Event!



Ver fun, sort of like "Virtual Villager", but with things that look like Pikmin. Like many ohers said the building could be shortened a bit, and some controls added, but all in all, its really good.

And to Newbian -* THIS IS A TEASER VERSION- saving is not enabled.- Quoting the author...

Great graphics but building takes way too long

It takes forever for the buildings to get completed which really drags things out. The tasks and upgrades a very well done but it should take about a 10th the time to complete a building because it's just too boring watching them pound away with their hammers forever and ever.

Very Addicting but needs better sound design

Excellent game design and flow. I would definitely replace the voices of the creatures before you release. It seems like temp sound effects put in by the programmer and then never changed. They all sound like one guy who's got a really stuff nose. I'd replace with some cuter sounding voices maybe a male and female.

Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2009
4:12 PM EDT
Adventure - Other