The Mystic Way

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Follow the Mystic Way across challenging rune mazes surrounding the rocks to clear each level. There are different kinds of elements that will appear during the game. Some of them will help you, but you must be care about some of them.

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I thought this was a good game. It really helped that it was quite original. What I didn't like was how difficult it was. There seemed to be no way of forming strategy and it was so easy to die. I guess that's just to be expected with a game like this. The graphics are pretty good.

The sounds are quite nice. It gives a good feeling of adventure. I simply can't dislike this for its originality. Some of the designs are pretty random. It's still a satisfying game.

very nice

beautiful art and great concept... sweet gameplay.. love it! Got to level 8 or nine but had to retry a couple times!

Neat piece of work

This is a nice idea for a game. It kind of reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on it. The style is good and the gameplay was very fluid.

The difficulty was a little shallow after a while. Alot of the levels were merely repeats with different shapes. You slowly introduced new stuff like traps and extra lives and stuff and that's cool, but I think you should introduce some of these things sooner. The early levels are way too tedious.

And the AI of the spikes is just too predictable. Like a comment mentioned earlier you can easily manipulate the ball to go where you want and get it stuck. Or you can have it tail you so closely that it will follow your every move and won't do anything unpredictable to catch you off guard. I actually monstered through alot of levels with the spikes right on my tail, but because of that I was able to move freely around the maze. Just had to make sure that I was on the controls all the time and I didn't hit a wall and go backwards.

You need to beef up the way the spikes move a little. The way they move now is just too predictable and easily manipulated. Might I suggest giving it a more random movement, or even putting two or more of them just to beef it up a little.

Simple gameplay, but not enough variations in each level and not too much of a difficulty curve. Get some more things going and this will be great.


...agree with other comments below.


Got to Level 5

Gets really hard from there.But easy on the other levels.Stop reading this if you dont want an easy way to beat the spike ball.Here:Whenever there are holes in the level (all of the levels have holes),you lead them up to the top of the screen and quickly turn two corners.They'll go back and forth.You have to go when they're not on the side you're on if you want to turn corners.Lead them to the bottom if you want the top again.

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2.72 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2009
10:36 AM EDT
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