Endless Void scroller

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Well... this is my first attempt at making a flash game from scratch... everything in it has been done by me, the code, graphics, animation, music.
I have tried the use of pixelated graphics in this one.
There is not much to look forward to in the normal game, however, most people might find the endless void mode more entertaining.
Use the directional keys to move, and space to shoot.
This will lag if you play this on one web page along with all of newground's ads, you should use a pop-up window.


Good start

Yeah, like many people have said its a bit slower than it should be. The concept has been done many times, and its been done much better. But its a solid start, especially for having been your first flash from scratch, no problems with the programming, it just needs to be livened up in the future.

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not bad, gts boring after a while, and has creepy music

something that we've all played a version of

slow and boring. you could speed it up and make it more exiting. music doesnt suit it and seems out of place

Good job

But get some colours men

Not bad.

My only complaint is that it's kind of slow. If you could speed up ship movement, the rate of fire on the gun, and maybe have the enemy ships fly in formations, I would like the game a lot more. It's a decent game, but the lack of story and slow pace means this is something that we've pretty much all have played a better version of before.

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2.21 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2009
6:54 AM EDT
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