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The collab that was a year in the making is finally out! With over 15 shorts, hand picked for quality.

Be sure to:
- Find all four Hidden Hearts
- check out the Full Screen Feature
- stay tuned after the credits for some bonus content
- check out the author's page for more bonus material


Quite enjoyable, overall

I enjoyed the collab very much, overall. I think that maybe some of the one-shot jokes have been done before, but they were still very entertaining. I especially liked the animation styling used on the last two scenes (12 & 13). Way to go, everybody! Awesome job!


I never played any of the zelda games...but at least with this I didn't have to wonder on hardly anything...good job.

Overall mediocre.

I will say right off the bat - this is not the worst Zelda flash I've ever seen. I was pleased that there were none of the typical never ending "HEY! LISTEN!" jokes that plague most Zelda flashes, and no jokes focusing around Link not being able to talk.

The art was mostly ranging from mediocre to decent, with the only real standout pieces being the transition screens and the final segment. The final segment had some really nice frame by frame animation. It's a shame that the shortest segment of this collab was also the best.

A handful of cock jokes and some really predictable other jokes really killed this for me. The "This is a nice chest!" joke was probably one of the more predictable jokes, and indicative of the general low-mediocre quality of this collab as a whole. Other jokes, like the first segment, were really drawn out and just felt like they were searching for a punchline the audience already figured out 30 seconds ago.

Too many segments were just one or two people standing around moving nothing but their mouths. This wouldn't be too bad if they were more detailed in general, but they typically weren't. Watching dull, barely animated characters' mouths flop around slowly isn't terribly entertaining. Although I do have a bit of this in my own animations, I usually move the characters while they talk, move background elements, or at least try and make sure that what they are saying is funny.

This collab has some talent in it. I just think that much of the talent was misguided with their own poor scripts. Another thing to consider is that Zelda is a topic that has pretty much been mined dry. I don't think there's any potential for humor in Zelda parodies anymore.

I really did try to enjoy this, but it just fell flat on too many notes. Whether you work together again or on your own projects, good luck to you all.

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mechanixnut responds:

Do you know what I say to your long and intensely cruel review!?!?

I say, well thanks for the most entertaining review. Though I don't believe you were correct in some of your points, I do believe that you are correct in some respects.

Bwahahaha Tuxedo-Mask away!

Great Job!

this was awesome!

(I can't get the twilight realm thing to work!)


Jolly good show! Definatly an award coming your way

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Jun 5, 2009
3:12 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody