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Hi, people! :]

I don't expect anyone to actually play this; it's more of an educational interactive game and, let's face it, there are few people on this site who are here to LEARN! Honestly, the main reason I put it up here was so that my family could see it.

It's my submission to the Texas Computer Educator's Association 2009 flash competition; it got top score in the state for interactive flash animation- a perfect score! The theme of this year's competition was "Going Green," and I chose to focus on alternative fuel sources. I know alot of my facts aren't straight- and I was aware of it during the proess of making it. But I was on a time crunch, and I know this game won't be used for REAL educational purposes anyway.

The whole thing is meant for children, really, and the cartoonish figures are supposed to appeal to later elementary school kids, but it is very cute and my friends like it as well.

There's one "easter egg" hidden in the animation, and if you can hold on until the end, there's a cute little suprise for you! I had to do the semi-pointless scenes to stay sane while staying until ten or eleven o'clock at school by myself for two weeks. While they don't have much of a point, they ARE cute.

All graphics were created by me, and other credits are given in the end.

Hope you enjoy!!


An educational experience for everyone.

You suceeded in your aim to educate others by creating this "game." It was not very entertaining, but I definitely learned a lot. The animations were simple, but like you said, they would appeal to a younger audience and help them understand a more complex topic.

If you could incorporate some more entertainment of some kind then I believe you could keep the viewer truly interested and wanting to continue to learn, even if they don't like to do so. Other than that, great job, and keep on making educational games!


This makes me want to load my hummer with barrels of gasoline, drive to the antarctic, drive into an offshore oil drilling platform, and drown the local penguins in a sea of flaming oil.
But I guess it's ok for an educational game XD

good point

This actually puts a great point across to people, and is a nice quick way to express an opinion.

First edutainment game I played in Newgrounds

Ha ha, I actually learned something. This is actually pretty neat. Now, it's not exactly mind blowing but I wasnt too bored either. 8 stars for meaning.

I liked it

Pretty good. Keep it up!

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Jun 4, 2009
8:47 PM EDT
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