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Abstraction 10 Points

Beat the game.

Imagination 10 Points

Read all the signs.

Appreciation 25 Points

Get all the coins.

Predestination 25 Points

Kill all the enemies.

Juxtaposition 50 Points

Don't take damage.

Author Comments

Arrows to move + Jump.

Pilgrimage is a game about abstraction.
More info is present in the game, under "Artist's Statement" if you're interested.

Enjoy this short, bite-sized game!


that was awesome

As other people said, it seemed like a simple game at first. But for the ones who pressed on, to see if it got better, it did. After I realized what was happening, I continued just to see what would eventually happen. Good idea, great game, all in all, yay.

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friggin hilarious, it read my mind!


First playthrough I didn't think much about this, I read the posts on my journey and put together what I interpreted to be a story, of a man name jason in a world that everything is changing, and he alone is aware of it, but he too cannot escape the changes happening around and to him, perhaps unaware he was changing also he abandons his fellow men to start a new community, one that is aware of the worlds prediciment. The mention of strange monsters gave me the idea that maybe they were once citizens who have changed. As he and the world began to change more he became aware that he was being affected too, and his eyesight is affected, but by then it is too late and the changes have affected his mind too, and he no longer fears the change, but embraces it and things continue to change and he becomes just a faceless pawn in a peice of abstract art.

I then decided to be creative and play it back to front, part of an art piece breaks away from its canvas prison and enjoys itself, it starts to change as time goes on, upon realising this it mentions that perhaps it is blind to the old ways but continues to proceed, the monsters are perhaps other renegade pieces of art trying to be different in their own way, but failing to do so and ending up just being generic copies of each other, being changed to the point of no return it must continue, but hopes to start a new art piece to be apart of, however fails to do so and hits a preverbial brick wall, becoming a generic charcter of a generic game just like the monsters he saw previously, inesacable of their fate as mass production of generic idea's, all of which similiar to one another, lacking originality.

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Really cool idea. I liked the story behind the game that no one seems to have said anything about. It was also cool how the music deteriorated with the graphics. 10 for originality :D

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Very nice surprise!!! I love your game!!

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Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2009
1:48 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop