Yu-Gi-Oh DUB Style

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Be afraid it is a Yu-Gi-Oh dub movie. I am sick at home from work and was able to fire off enough brain cells to put this together. I hope you enjoy because I plan on making more, better ones, now that I have figured this kinda stuff out, even a little.

It is short and it is the awesome.

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Honestly, it is unfunny. The only joke I really smirked at was the "I can't believe I smoked all that weed" joke. The lip syncing was badly off, especially the blond "woman". I understand that this was a crammed out video from a sick person & I can appreciate what one can accomplish under said circumstances. I would like to point to Knox's The Matrix as a reference for shitty but still funny dub parodies as an example: http://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/dd0d30b9a1c8a1444d9505cea95f15de

~Review Request Club.

Needs Work

I think that this could be the start of some pretty funny writing material if you work with it a lot more. The end really did make me smile. The audio was really poor quality and jumbled as well as the video itself. I also tend to lean more towards doing your own work as opposed to dubbing. I saw in your description that you plan on making more. I would really think about going away from dubbed stuff and do something original.


Dubs simply do not belong on newgrounds. I will give you that it takes time to voice act them, but this is a mainly flash posting site. Not a random claymation/dubbing one. I will review it on the writing.

The voices were hard to understand at time. When they were there, I could hardly understand what they were saying. The last thing that woman said I coudn't understand, but the rest after that I could.

I did like the fact that he said he was a woman. And the Yugi said she gave him weird looks. It even makes it funnier. The "I can't believe I smoked so much weed" did put a suprise ending to the flash. I can't think of any other way to end such a thing.

I chuckled at the end.

I kinda liked the brevity. Short and sweet. The abrupt end added to the humour for me.

Script was decent - made me chuckle at the end - but there obviously wasn't time to develop any jokes further or get a comedy plot going. Maybe that would work as an experiment.

I thought using the original video was OK - animating stuff yourself would only make for better entertainment once your animation was rather slick - until then though, it may be goo for practice. You decide if that's something you want to pursue.

I don't care much for the format but your piece was entertaining despite that.


It's all right. I personally felt like not much effort was put into this flash. Although I am not surprised it passed judgment. Taking clips from shows, and dubbing them is yes, funny. But just doesn't seem to cut it in "talent" for me.

Regardless it was still pretty decent, like I said. I just hope in the future you decide to put more of your own work into the flash.

Keep working at it!


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3.64 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2009
5:00 PM EDT