Brave New World (Lit.)

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Update: I scored a 98% on this project, many thanks Mrs. Yegge.

This is a LITERARY ANALYSIS and STRATEGIC READING project for Aldous Huxley's Novel
'Brave New World'

Within lies a small "Virtual Tour" that allows one to explore the Central London Hatchery Centre, one of the main settings of 'Brave New World.' This Interactive Flash Movie was created for a school assignment that had students finding unique ways to study the novel.

Those who have read the novel or those interested should find a bagful of interesting quotes, key lines, and a collection of book covers spanning the title's history, along with other interesting tidbits.

I hope that even those who do not wish to spend their free time reading my project can appreciate the work that has gone into it. Enjoy, and if reading's not your cup of tea, consider it your brain training for the day. Heh heh...

Music Credit to Danny Elfman
The song is the main theme of 'Edward Scissorhands'


Pretty Good

For a school project, this is good. It uses my favorite book of all time and presents it well. The flash was good for a school project, but it would be nice to see an art upgrade. I hope you ace this project.

Brings back old memories.

Very nice for a Lit. project, could use a little more detail on the design making things more uniform and towards the book's story line. Even making it into a sort of study tool perhaps. The music was a great pick for the feel of the flash.

erm, Not Interesting

I really don't understand the point of this game whatsoever, there is no particular story or gameplay features except a lot of reading of random things in game. Im sorry i have given this game a 2 since there is no particular game value at all.

SuperStache responds:

Did I say it were a game?


i'll just leave it at unique. i have yet to see anything else like it on NG...its like an interactive spark notes. if you made a series of these for popular high school English class books that would be amazing. there is a market for something like this.

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SuperStache responds:

Ha! Thanks for the kind words! Now that you mention it... I suppose it does serve as a more interesting Spark Note.

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Jun 3, 2009
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