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Diary of a Lone Butterfly

rated 3.76 / 5 stars
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Jun 3, 2009 | 2:31 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Secret Diary of the Lone Butterfly: Of Child's Dream and Nightmares...

Finally, the first prequel episode to the Tsunami series has arrived! In the first chapter of a probable long list of the Diary episodes, we are introduced to a mysterious character only known as The Lady Scientist, a shy, lonely gal who was, along with her uncle (known as The Machinist), one of the keys to the evolution of future androids. The story takes place a millennia ago when robots (a common term at the time) were nothing more than mere tools for humanity; only one could unlock the door to their progress, survival and salvation. While The Machinist found a way to make them think like humans, The Lady Scientist was eventually the one who would be fondly remembered by her believers throughout the universe: the one who gave them 'hearts'. Many of the themes and clues will be present, obviously and subtly, throughout the main series.

This first part of her long series of 'diary' dreams tells The Lady Scientist's dilemma to unlock the secrets of her late uncle's gift to humanity and destroy what's left of both of their sanity. The Lady Scientist, whose wondrous dream was haunted by recurrent nightmares of her uncle's forbidden ambition and her brutal fate, has no other choice than to survive by forcing herself to lead a new civilization to light.

Animated & Directed by Glen B.Wang

Story by Glen B.Wang

Screenplay by Kieran Squires and Glen B.Wang

Music composed by Selcuk 'Maestrorage' Bor

Featuring the voice of Erin 'Overshadowed' Tenelle as The Lady Scientist

Based on ideas and characters by Glen B.Wang, Anthony 'A-Log' LoGatto and the Santos Brothers
2009 (C) Glen B.Wang/A-Log/Santos Bros.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I liked it a lot.

Intriguing. I look forward to seeing how this story unfolds. I may not be a frequent audience to this type of story or medium but that is what I think makes me want to review this story more than anything else. Other critics seem to find fault where I enjoy, perhaps jaded with too many stories similar in construct to see this one's value as I do. I hope the author can see through such critiques and find that this work was geniunely appreciated and at least I hope to see more to this story, it has such potential. I would gladly award a ten but I have seen some amazing stuff out here and am forced to reserve such praise as a ten for those projects that stun me so. Good luck and thank you. I was greatly entertained.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'm probably going to regret this...

...reviewing this after watching it through just one time, that is. I didn't catch most of the story.

But this does allow me to write down my first, honest, impressions, which I guess counts for something.

The first thing I want to say is that the voice-acting is ATROCIOUS. It is the most horrible voice acting that I've heard for quite some time. It is like listening to nails on chalkboard. The insincere attempts at dramatic emotion, the over-emphasizing of lines, the "trying to act in character" (rather than BEING the character), the bad sound quality of the recording itself... severely hampered my ability to enjoy the other elements of the film. It was really awful, and made a mockery of the story being told. Also, the music was unfortunately quite uninspired, particularly what plays during a long section near the end of the film (the girl running back to her house). There was a certain commonplace aloofness to it that did nothing to keep my interest. The direction and editing of the film felt that way too - as if someone was carefully adhering to rules learned somewhere, and in the process forgetting about making sure that it FELT right. Parts of the story often flashed by too quickly for me to take in what I had just heard (I missed the technical explanation of what was happening in the beginning completely), while at other times it unfolded with glacial slowness.

The one thing that was excellent in past episodes and remains great here is the art direction. But all the same, I'm not sure that it's the proper one near the end when you're trying to show something sad. Its bold lines and simplified, angular shapes work against the portrayal of any softness, such as the end. I think changing the art style where the film's direction demanded it might have worked better, maybe... although on the other hand, maybe it would have been fine if the film's other elements were better.

I really loved the three "Tsunami Prequel" films, but every episode released since then I've liked a bit less than the one before...

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Potentially a pretty good series...

However, even though the animation itself was pretty solid, one of the main killers was the voice. It was extremely unclear and bland. That alone killed the story that was trying to be told. Also, not to beat you to death, but I think you got a problem with your gender of your character in your own comments. You keep calling the character "The Lady Scientist", but in your review you keep calling her a him. Don't know whether your screwed up but that is one thing that also bugged me. Simply put though, fix the voice. Then you will have a solid ten from me.

P.S. Please fix your grammar, you seem intelligent and I'm sure you just made a mistake in describing your series. Gender agreement is always necessary so you don't confuse viewers.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

awful voice acting

simply terrible voice work done here. anything that might have been good in any way was utterly ruined. a pretty bland, boring story.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Very interesting animation - it reminded me a lot of "Arrow To the Sun" - a book I used to read as a kid.

All-in-all, very well done!

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