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Raider: Episode 1

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Raider: Episode 1 is the first in a series of five platformers, consisting of a single level each. The levels are long, however.

This game is designed to be reminiscent of 'old-school' games which those of us old enough to remember playing them as children might find nostalgic.
It is designed to be CHALLENGING. Only the best players will be able to achieve the fabled S ranking for their performance. Can you?!/

Controls are specified in the game. They can also be customised from the How to Play screen.

PLEASE try Beginner mode if you're not great at platformers or if you find the other difficulties to hard and frustrating. It removes many of the most irritating aspects of the higher difficulties. Please do not complain that the game is too hard if you haven't even tried Easy mode.

NOTE: It seems that playing this in Internet Explorer results in some strange input-related problems, where the keys seem to 'stick' or something. You shouldn't really be using IE anyway; it's a notoriously bad browser.


it was just the best

it wus just the best

If you only had made this game about 19 years ago.

Seriously, there'd probably be dragon mascots running amok around Nintendo and advertising in Japan. What nostalgia! This game perfectly represents the old side scrolling games of the early 90's. The extremely hard difficulty was there, too! (you new school gamers have it WAY easy) I almost thought I was playing Megaman half-way into the game. Can't wait for the next episode! 10/10

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Extremely well done! I was very impressed by everything, including the sprites, the storyline, the music, the gameplay, and the controls! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves old platformers; I just wish I had a SNES controller to play it with!

And the author isn't lying when he states that it's challenging. Be prepared for rough waters after the purple checkpoint, and prepare to die when you meet the boss.

I can't wait for the next installment!


An genious platformer, I really like it! It's difficult, but you can begin with an easy difficulty, it's a bit short, but you can play it again and again without getting bored, and the last boss is very hard to beat a first time!

Great work, can't wait for Episode 2!

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Completely Uncompromising and Unforgiving....

...But not the least bit frustrating. I'm running FireFox, and so far haven't encountered the glitch problems mentioned below this review. The game itself is surprisingly difficult and challenging, but in a completely different way than other flashes such as Meat Boy; it feels exactly like the oldschool NES games of past, which at times required multiple replays and a lot of patience (as one of the in-game signs playfully poked at) to overcome, eventually in itself becoming a sort of skill. The level design and placement of checkpoints felt just right, and the difficulty managed to increase with each passing, but moderately, as if each level before it were just a sort of training for the one ahead, teaching you rudimentary platformer skills that would eventually be used constantly as the game wore on. And I've relearned, as all gamers eventually will, that sometimes rushing the game will only further your demise... and give you your just reward. (Starting at the very beginning. V_V)

The music at first confused me because of the purported sci-fi genre of the game, but as it continued I realized that it fit quite well with the scenario, and did not once seem annoying or distracting from the gameplay. It is also well composed, with subtle tones that sort of lure you into the mystery of the "cliche'd ghost ship".

The main character and his story are also well made and even fun to listen to. Even though (as he puts it himself) the storyline seems cliche'd, I actually enjoyed going through the cutscenes as well as reading his reaction to every odd sign along his journey. Though a blue alien-lizard-dragon creature, he is very believable as a wisened space pirate with a healthy skepticism, and his wise cracks are simple but funny enough to bring out his character without taking himself too seriously, or being obnoxious.

All in all, what you have here is brilliance in going back to our old roots, although at this writing I have not yet finished the game. (2 in the morning) Rest assured, I will beat it. Even if I have to play each section to perfection. I'm sure the ending will well fit the effort.


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Jun 3, 2009
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