Haven't Got A Prayer, pt2

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This is the second part of a 4 part series exploring different religions to be released this week.

Part one can be found here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/497849

Part three can be found here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/498081

Part four can be found here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/498202

This segment of the series deals with Catholocism.

Just a warning, there is content in here that some people may find to be a bit offensive to their beliefs.

Anyway, sit back, and enjoy!



I cant say i appreciated the black guy in there. Its a shame much of the world view as being ignorant and violent thugs. Ya, that is the case in areas, but if u really get to know the stereotypical black male, u will discover it isnt that simple. People know right from wrong, if you read the bible, u'll discover any sexual act other than missionary position (penis ->vagina) is not acceptable, and concidered sodomy, but who really cares right? alcohol isnt accepted either. its a common misconception actually. What is referred to as "wine" in the bible, is actually the equivalent of grape juice. Jesus killing himself was just dumb and ya, offensive. Him being a pansy also is pretty rude.

On another note, why does it seem that whenever Jesus or Christian Lord (God) is involved in a comedy, they always enter with no idea whats going. As though Jesus left and never looked back and God has been asleep this whole time? I think Many people believe they arent watching. And that they will just "return" to attain a bunch of glory and worship. Yes, i can understand the humorous value their characters potentially have, but it is just pretty negative most cases.

The religious man is usually a target for scrutiny and being patronized. Nobody really wants to be the guy that tries hard to follow his religion. I don't think religious tendencies ever hurt any body (aside from jews... poor basterds).

Guess this is a portrait of a world view.

Slackman responds:

The black guy was not intended to be a representation of the entire race, but rather of the violent "gangsta" element of society. I considered him to be an individual within the story, a satirical element used to make a relevant point about a specific sub-group of people within society.

This isn't about reading the bible, but rather the stances that people take after reading it or pretending to read it. The fact is that plenty of people interpret the bible in different ways, as proven by having the countless different sects of western religion. If I was going for accuracy within the bible, I would have drawn a black Jesus. This is rather based on the oppressive interpretations of the bible that have popped up over the years since its creation.

I couldn't tell you why other people depicted Jesus or the Christian God in this manner (although I can think of many examples off the top of my head where God is very aware as to what's going on).

The religious man is a victim of scrutiny, partially because he sits on a high horse scrutinizing others. Do unto others, right? However, if you think that religious tendencies haven't ever hurt anybody, then perhaps you've never heard of a "holy war"? Terrorism perhaps? I'm not going to argue here though. Sorry you didn't like it.

9 for awwwww

DOOD!!! I love jesus sooo much. We would skip through the meadows and stuff. All that other stuff is like what? Simplicity is golden.

Slackman responds:

That's a great image!


I was a Catholic... not anymore... I've always imagined why do we use a torture and death symbol as a holy image. Nice and true. Keep up the good work.

Slackman responds:

Thanks, I will.


The Catholic Church is definitely full of hypocricies, and I appreciate the point you were trying to make. However, I had two problems with it: first, the audio definitely could have been better. Second, I found the last bit a tad offensive. However, that's just my opinion. With all that being said, I look forward to your next video.

Slackman responds:

People seem to be having some real problems with the audio, I guess I need to work on that for next time. A lot of people are finding that last bit offensive, and I'd be lying if I said I was surprised. In my defense, I didn't do it for no reason. It added to the story (at least in my opinion) and added a surprising and point making punch line at the end.

I'm glad you're looking forward to the next one.


Respect the golden rule and Fck all the haters

See thats funny because it makes no sense

Slackman responds:

True that.

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