Haven't Got A Prayer, pt2

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This is the second part of a 4 part series exploring different religions to be released this week.

Part one can be found here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/497849

Part three can be found here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/498081

Part four can be found here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/498202

This segment of the series deals with Catholocism.

Just a warning, there is content in here that some people may find to be a bit offensive to their beliefs.

Anyway, sit back, and enjoy!



Respect the golden rule and Fck all the haters

See thats funny because it makes no sense

Slackman responds:

True that.

Pretty Funny

Got some good stuff running there. Love all the stuff they started firing at Jesus the moment they saw him. Pretty slick animation and good sound.

Was it just me, or did the black guy look like he had cleavage? It just looked a bit wrong in my opinion. But the character was pretty darn sweet. Just the drawing looked a little weird.

Alot of the small passing jokes were really nice like 'for my sake' and my favourite bit with the statue of Jesus and the urinal in the church. That was a nice touch. And the fact that they went on droning about the usual stuff after he died again was pretty cool. And also the part about Jesus wanting to go home and doing that by killing himself - very unique.

And of course the 'Holy shit' joke was incredibly corny, as intended so I believe.

The subject matter here is obviously a play on the ridiculous lives that some people who claim to be 'religious' actually live. I won't say it's a particularly original idea, but you did quite a good job nonetheless in presenting it. It just needs some sort of a new comedy twist to really let it take off.

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Slackman responds:

The problem with Catholic jokes is that it's such a controversial topic and so many comedians have done bits on the topic. I'm sure I stepped on a few toes with this, it was inevitable, but it seemed like too big a topic to avoid in a series about religion.

I'm glad you enjoyed it anyways though, and thank you for the in depth review!

Not bad.

Even as a Roman Catholic, I agree that Jesus WOULD note all the hypocrisy with our church and most of the sects of Christianity. Good show.

Slackman responds:

Thank you!

I thought i was going to be offended but. . .

i wasn't! and it is quite plausible that Jesus may react this way when he comes back (except for the whole urinal suicide thing. although it was funny i think the Lord has standards)

Slackman responds:

He probably would. Who knows? It's nice to see that some people aren't completely offended and rather that it's encouraging thought.

I love your Thinking!

Yay for the greatest kind of blasphemy! :-D

Slackman responds:

Iconoclasm really IS a funny thing!

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Jun 2, 2009
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