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Hentai Artist 2: Popular

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Full Title: Hentai Artist 2: Popular Girls
Hentai Artist is a reflex game. You are presented with a playfield filled with points and your objective is to connect them in their proper order by hovering over them. Once all points are connected, a picture is revealed. The sequel adds these new features:
- Warning screen at the very beginning;
- Main Menu with options and level selection;
- Three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Expert;
- Separating Music from Sound Effects, so you can disable either, both or none;
- Two display modes: Classic and Tempting;
- Tutorial-like level (the first one);
- Tooltips for ease of usage;

Please note that this HA2 is quite easier than HA1. We won't make this mistake in third installment which will surely be more challenging than the the first two.


We are aware that there might be some things which need polishing. If you have any suggestions, ideas or found a bug we will gladly hear them.


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Wow. Just.....wow.

This was great. There could've been a few more pictures, but overall it was great. In the next one, maybe have a couple puzzle things for each category (at least three each). Also, having to click the picture and then press "Start" or "View" was a little annoying. Maybe have it where when you click on the picture, a little mini-menu comes up that has three choices on it: "Start", "View", and "Back". Other than those suggestions, I've got nothing to say other than this was awesome.

Hentime responds:

Hmm. It's too late to make such a big change to next installment, but we had something like that in mind for Hentai Artist 4, ie. separating playing from viewing.
I am afraid I don't understand what you meant about having 'a couple puzzle things'. If you happen to read this reply, could you elaborate via PM?


Worth it...

One of the few game of this type that are worth playing. There are a lot of games like this, you do something to unlock the picture, but this game was just supior to others like it. The music is a very nice touch. the game was actually original and kind of a challenge. Personally, I find this to be very polished, very well done.

If the pictures are origanal or not I can't say but I won't get in to that because this was showed effort, design, and skill.

Job Well done.


Great game. A pr0n game you actual enjoy while trying to achieve that full picture.

The only con is if the persons whom are playing this have small monitors.


better(more nudity) & easier than the first one. id like 2 see one on yuri(lesbians) sometime soon.

Great but...

this is not as good as the last one. Expert on this one was pretty easy but the first gave me some trouble. Plus there wasn't a lot of pics, did u have trouble finding some or did the pics you that you find were tough to put in this kind of concept.

All and all, truely a good example of a exellent, worthy hentai game.

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3.21 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2009
9:56 AM EDT