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Jackice 2

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Hi hope you enjoy the latest in the Jackice series!


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I was killed on level 5 and really it is a decent game. Though improvements to be made I enjoyed it but not as much as I should from a title such as Jackice 2.
+Rolling Balls of Death
-Lack of features
-Repetitive Music


I don't like it. It has pretty tacky graphics, pretty bad sound, and repetetive gameplay.

Also, it's not well coded

Not too bad

This was pretty well executed. The controls worked perfectly and the graphics were nice. It's quite an old concept that has certainly been done before. But I still feel that several elements were missing.

I think an indication of what powerups you have gained would be great, like a bar that tells you how much speed you've gained. And you could also give more variety in your powerups. I only saw health, speed and range. Maybe firing speed? Or firing power to freeze your enemies faster? They don't all have to be permanent of course.

And I'm not sure if my powerups carry to the next level. It seems like everytime I start a new level I'm as slow as ever. It could be that the powerups don't carry, or that my game is getting slower. Which is another point I want to make - you need a quality button. Around level 7 or so I think the game really starts to take a toll with the number of enemies you're putting in one level.

And a boss health bar would be nice just so that I know how much more it takes to kill him. And you could make the boss move a little more. He was very stationary, and that sucks when all the goodies from my ice ball are always under his feet.

Also, I didn't like it that I could still get hurt by partially frozen enemies. I thought the whole point of freezing them partially was to disable them so I could go where I wanted and tackle the guys higher up to get better chances of scoring more goodies.

It's quite an old game, but at least it works well. But try and push it a little bit.

fun game

this is very good good job and keep going

Fun fun game

Interesting premise.
But what makes it really good is that the controls work! really well. I see so many games like this that just have horrible controls and it ruins it. they respond quickly and well and the down to go under levels works spot on. Great job