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Chris' GMod Comic - Ep100

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UPDATE (June 24th 2009): Fixed loading problem.

UPDATE (June 9th 2009): Filesize of this submission has been slashed by over 4MB! All I did was tweak the image quality from 100 to 90 - it should still look the same, but it will now load a bit faster!

I would like to stress that I am the creator of this, in case you are thinking I stole it.

Today (June 2nd 2009), Chris' GMod Comic hit update number 100, so I am keen to attract more readers to the site. I've received positive feedback from some people on a forum I am a member of, but I still want (and need) more viewers.

I like to think that I have become better at making comics since the early days - I am posing better, using the face and finger posers, cameras and anything else I can do to make my comics. The image quality has vastly improved as well.

Three of the Easter Eggs are hidden. One is actually part of the comic.

I would like to thank Andrew Kepple (yes, THAT Andrew Kepple) for providing voices for the comic - I didn't use them as originally intended, but the Easter Egg explains why.

I hope you enjoy this, and do remember that CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is welcomed. Any reviews saying something like 'omg this sux n ur a fag' will just show you to be an idiot.


garrysmod ownage

GMOD is the best game in the world


Funny love listening to campers/camper haters arguing and rest funny 2 n stuff and i found all easter eggs...YAY

Sorry I just dont like to read.

I liked but I like watch animation and Stuff..........ENOUGH SAID!!

Geodesic-Dragon responds:

Animation FTW!


nice, i didnt see that kidnap coming lol. also i saw in your credits thing that you forgot to include de_dust :O anyway.i completly forgot to find the easter eggs (gonna try find them now!) other wise good effort and good story! L:D (elvis likes is too :])!

Geodesic-Dragon responds:

I only did the whole kidnap thing because I got bored with my original story (why camping is(n't) good).

Glad you enjoyed it, and keep looking for them eggs (one of them is the 'create your own battle thing).

not bad...

Was an 'I am over 18' necessary? This is Newgrounds, after all. Or did I not get the joke?

Have you considered an automatic page turn? Click next was a chore and distracted from the comic. Perhaps an optional auto button, next page every 2/3 seconds.

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Geodesic-Dragon responds:

The 'over 18' thing is there because this comic is also hosted on my own site.

I don't know what age groups visit it, so it's there as a precaution.

And no offence, but I don't see how the 'Next' button can be distracting.

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3.35 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2009
8:49 AM EDT