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Chris' GMod Comic - Ep100

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Author Comments

UPDATE (June 24th 2009): Fixed loading problem.

UPDATE (June 9th 2009): Filesize of this submission has been slashed by over 4MB! All I did was tweak the image quality from 100 to 90 - it should still look the same, but it will now load a bit faster!

I would like to stress that I am the creator of this, in case you are thinking I stole it.

Today (June 2nd 2009), Chris' GMod Comic hit update number 100, so I am keen to attract more readers to the site. I've received positive feedback from some people on a forum I am a member of, but I still want (and need) more viewers.

I like to think that I have become better at making comics since the early days - I am posing better, using the face and finger posers, cameras and anything else I can do to make my comics. The image quality has vastly improved as well.

Three of the Easter Eggs are hidden. One is actually part of the comic.

I would like to thank Andrew Kepple (yes, THAT Andrew Kepple) for providing voices for the comic - I didn't use them as originally intended, but the Easter Egg explains why.

I hope you enjoy this, and do remember that CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is welcomed. Any reviews saying something like 'omg this sux n ur a fag' will just show you to be an idiot.

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what a classy gem to dust off to remember the days of yesteryear

garrysmod ownage

GMOD is the best game in the world


Funny love listening to campers/camper haters arguing and rest funny 2 n stuff and i found all easter eggs...YAY

Sorry I just dont like to read.

I liked but I like watch animation and Stuff..........ENOUGH SAID!!

Geodesic-Dragon responds:

Animation FTW!


nice, i didnt see that kidnap coming lol. also i saw in your credits thing that you forgot to include de_dust :O anyway.i completly forgot to find the easter eggs (gonna try find them now!) other wise good effort and good story! L:D (elvis likes is too :])!

Geodesic-Dragon responds:

I only did the whole kidnap thing because I got bored with my original story (why camping is(n't) good).

Glad you enjoyed it, and keep looking for them eggs (one of them is the 'create your own battle thing).