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Planet Hopper

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Explore the universe on a solo expedition to claim uninhabited planets. Plant flags and avoid crashing while jumping from planet to planet. Repair and upgrade your suit at special shop planets throughout the universe.

Surface Controls
A/D or Left/Right: Run left/right
W or Up: Jump
S or Down: Plant Flag
Spacebar: Enter shop

Space Controls:
A/D or Left/Right: Rotate
W or Up: Boost

P: Pause

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this should be frontpage, if any of you think this is actually hard, you shouldnt be playing games, its all about prediction... wish there were medals, like how many planets youve hopped

Really hard

Way too hard to break free from some gravitational pulls


I can't say that I fully enjoyed this game. It's a good idea, but a few gameplay mechanics confused/irritated me.

1. Why bother having a suit damage meter if you die when the temperature gauge reaches zero anyway?

2. Why do I take helmet damage from landing on my feet?

3.I spent far too much time repairing compared to upgrading. While it certainly shouldn't be too easy to upgrade, I felt it near impossible to get further than the second upgrade.

On the plus side, the art, while simplistic, was still good, and the gravity physics were good as well. If you can fix these gripes in the next game, I think you'll have a great game on your hands.

As such, it's merely "good."


Im sorry to say but it gets old really fast


Very good