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Tarry & Fortune

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Author Comments

This was the final, looming project in my animation class 3rd quarter. Though it's short, this baby took me about 50 hours of work, at a rough guesstimate. 24 fps. 24 fps! 24 FPS!!! AUGH!!! It consumed my life--mostly because the vast majority of it is drawn out frame by frame (albeit Adobe Flash--but still, each individual frame drawn is each individual frame drawn!). When it is tweened, though, it is fairly obvious. And sorry about the sound quality, it's not the absolute greatest. I'm working to fix it I'm unequivelantly proud as to how to this turned out. Not the greatest piece in the world, but it's still my first.

As for the story, it was something that I had been tinkering with over the course of several years. It started with reading a book of Latin quotes in Pre-Calc, and started to evolve into this, and a few side stories as well. So, if you ever get to see this here, Thank you so much for your support and advice Tom Fuller! I miss writer's club a great deal.

Speaking of Pre-Calc, though, another person to thank is wonkerkot, here on this site. Just called him up one day "So, you wanna do some music for me (for a different animation)?" "Sure".


and he obliged me. Yay!

Sorry for the lengthy commentary that no one is probably going to read... ah well. Thanks for viewing!

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Really Good

Really like the use of frame by frame in this movie. The music was nice. Although, I did find the ending a little weird, but overall I liked it. Keep these flash coming.

Ramko responds:

Well, Thank you very much!

I wish that I had had time to go back and figure out how to properly format things for NG, so that's why the sound is quite out of sync, and there's no preloader. I also was a bit rushed for the end, so I didn't get around to finishing it quite the way that I wanted to, but ultimately, that is the ending that I wanted.

backround noise?

This is very good, but i didn't give it a ten because there was noise in the backround while the guitar music was playing. I found that distracting.

Ramko responds:

Yeah...I couldn't figure out how to export my original audio, so I had to do it in a more MANUAL FASHION!! RRG! And then people started talking in the background. If you want a better, sound quality version, I would recommend looking it up on youtube. (Try these keywords: Tarry and Fortune, Perpich, Animation)

Thank you very much though!