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Designed over millions of years to be a perfectly deadly....Fish.
The only way to understand The Great White Shark is to think like one.
Before you do that, try playing this challenging Great White Shark simulation.

Arrow keys to swim.
Double press LEFT or RIGHT to sprint.
B key to Bite (Fish and Turtles).
Keep pressing SPACE key to perform a JUMP ATTACK.

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Eating seals is random chance

Dodging sharks and eating fish can be done with skill. But catching seals is mere random chance. You have to guess when they'll come, and most of the time your jump misses. So, it's a bunch of roaming around, avoiding bigger sharks, eating small fish, and praying you can nail a seal. I sized up once, then ran into a jelly fish & shark (of my own size) on top of each other, and they spam killed me in 2 seconds. (I guess I was stunned by the jellyfish, so the other shark ate me.) It's a nice concept, and I liked how the Jaws theme kicked in when you'd jump. But like others have said, it gets boring eating for fish while hoping to nail a seal sooner or later. Giving you 8 stars, though, because I've always been fascinated by sharks and I'd like to see more games like this in the future.

Old, fast

No real challenge, mindlessly repetitive after five minutes, and, beside the fact that your playing a shark, this game has nothing to do with Jaws. If it were swimmers, or divers that were being eaten in this game, and if I was destroying boats with that cool jump attack I'd like it a lot more. This feels more like one of the fish sims on this site, but with blood. I don't think its terrible, just needs some adjusting.


doesn't seem difficult enough... not sure i should have given it a 3 star but the graphics are worth 3 stars... there is a bug that didn't kill me but it is way too close to a spoof of fishy


it was fun at first but it eventually got boring. there was no action and the fish are faster than u

It's good animation

This reminds me of a very old game i used to play in gradeschool.
I want more fish. I don't like how quick the energy drains after attempting a jump, other than that i have no complaints.

Credits & Info

2.85 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2009
5:52 PM EDT