The Zombie Quiz

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See if you would survive the Zombie Apoc, in theory. At the end of answering these 31 questions, you'll be able to read about what can be improved, and what is good. You'll also be able to "simulate" the apoc and see if you live!

Edit: Sorry, when I put in adds it screwed up which is why some people got NaN at the end
works now



Good quiz format. Shoddy Q&A. Also, the music doesn't loop well, leaving some awkward silence every now and then.

Pretty poo, even the author insults your poor "grades"

Q2: zombies crave flesh, not brains.

Q11: I think its probably better to find shelter at the start of an outbreak. With all the chaos going on, it's best to stay in my home, ya'know where all my weapons are? and lock everything down until things clam down before I can start searching for more weapons.

Q12: yes home is the best place to go for shelter, but you said we should search for weapons, for a fact that I ALREADY HAVE WEAPONS IN MY HOME.

Q13: A gun is a poor choice for people who have no experince with shooting guns. Go home, find a weapon you are comfortable with, may it be a baseball bat, a knife, a decorative sword ANYTHING that you have experince in using.

Q19: An apple would seem more useful considering i can hydrate myself with the juice inside of it and have something to eat.

Q23: one zombie. I'm armed with a crowbar, I can fight. Why out of all choices would I run away from ONE zombie that "slow walks" in a very good place to loot supplies? It is not a problem for me to smash a zombie's head in to mashed potatoes.

Q29: you're kidding me right? He broke his leg, not lost his leg. The best resource to survive is having a friend who watches your back. My refuge has a wheel chair? whats wrong with actually going to get one? or making a makeshift splint with all those "sticks" I have? No by all means kill your friend.

Concerning this quiz:

Its a typical "right answer" quiz it's either you choose the right answer or "you're screwed! seriously sorry dude!"

This poorly judges you.

im dying 1 second look. knowledge of zombies 3/10
knowledege of supplies 4/10
decision making. minus 2/10
Total 5/30
16 chance of survival

Honestly,it seems like this quiz isn't focused on mainstream zombies,either from the past or today. zombies don't CRAVE anything,and their only motivation is to spread the virus. also,one of your scenarios seem a bit...off. When dealing with someone being attacked,your survival or the survival of your group is key,nothing else.However,I did enjoy the quiz ^^ you asked appropriate questions,and provided sensible,if not exactly accurate,answers.

Haha, I suck.

Knowledge of Zombies: 9/10
Knowledge of Supplies: 9/10
Decision Making: 4/10.
While the zombies are breaking through the door, I'll be sitting quietly in the room trying to figure out which weapon to pick up :P

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Jun 1, 2009
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