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This was the first thing I created in Flash. Hopefully my skills will improve in the future. I created it for a friend and for a Valentine's Day contest on the TIGSource forum, where the goal was to make a game based on the theme "love letter".

I'm not new to developing games, just new to Flash. I have a bunch of games on my site too for anyone interested:


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Wrong site

I can appreciate your deep concept of love, but love and deeper meanings have no place here on newgrounds, in my opinion anyway

You have a very beautiful concept.

I like the deeper meanings behind each simulation, but i don't think game was the best category. Games involve goals. Those that don't are sandboxes. you flash is neither. more of an interactive movie. But like I said i like it. I also love the music, it seems to just fit. Kudos.

rinkuhero responds:

thanks. the category says 'games or interactive' -- it's not a game, but it's interactive (kinda) -- i'm new to newsgrounds though, what category would you recommend?


this isnt a game...but yeah it was ok...the wind chimes were very very very BAD!!!

Curious thing, y'know

In the begginning I didn't find the meaning of all this, and I thought this was quite non sensical. By exploring the rest of the options, I found out that there was something different each option, and that is was somehow related with the text in the lower corner of the intro screen. Anyway, the music drove me crazy. Also, I missed a back button (and a mute button).

Looking to it poetrically (does that word exist?), it has some sort of meaning. In fact, it's quite artistical. But you have to work into it, maybe with a little more experience in Flash. Physics are good, so you shouldn't worry about it.

This Is A Miscat

It's Not A Game. It's Cool. But Not A Game.
And It Doesn't Do Anything Too Different Throughout All Of The Options.
And The Windchimes Are Annoying As Hell.
So I Give You A 6. Because You Did Do A Good Job Showing What Pure Cotton Looks Like In A Dryer.

rinkuhero responds:

sorry, i'm new to newsgrounds. the category said 'games and interactive' and it's at least interactive. it's not really a movie, which was the only other option -- perhaps it should have gone there though?

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Jun 1, 2009
1:59 AM EDT
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