Dot Avoider 2

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The sequel to Dot Avoider, avoid all of the colored balls in order to win! It has been a long time since I made the original Dot Avoider, but now I am back and have made a new one. I took many of the suggestions from the people who reviewed Dot Avoider, and put them in Dot Avoider 2! I could not get any music or sound, though. :( I will try to put music and sound in any future games I make. This is the second flash I have made.

Please tell me if you find any bugs. And don't rate it TOO poorly, as I have said, it is only my second flash.

(EDIT 6/1/09: I read a review saying that there wasn't enough time at the start of your game to begin before the first enemy killed you. I agree. So I changed the spawn time of the first enemy from 0 seconds to 0.5 seconds. That should give you more than enough time to get started. I also made the first enemy spawn at the top instead of right in the middle. Have fun!)



try adding some music as a background....nice job though....

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not bad

good game. good inprovments. still can cheat :P just hit alt and freezes the game able to move around and then hit alt again and unfreeze. anyway. not bad.

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jezmillz responds:

Alt is a standard command in all flash stuff that sorta deactivates the flash. You have to click the flash once to activate it, and you have to press alt deactivates it. infact, in some shooting games where you accidentally right clicked and you screwed up the crosshair (the mouse is visible inside of it), pressing alt to deactivate the flash then clicking it again can sometimes fix it. So... Go ahead, deactivate it. Cheat. I don't care. It wont make my life miserable. I already eliminated all other possible ways to cheat.

What Corky52 said

my main problem with this one is that it gets very hard, and never ends.

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Your generic avoid game.

~ Bugs ~

I think there was just one and perhaps it's not so much of a bug, but just something that I really didn't like at all. When an "enemy" would first appear they would show up randomly on the screen for a split second. Then they would appear normally by coming off of the screen and then onto it. I don't know if it was suppose to be like that or not, but to me it looks like a glitch.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Hit detection was on pretty good. No complaints from me there at all. The "enemies" were well drawn and everything. Perhaps a nice background would have added to the submission. Perhaps you could have even made a really trippy background to try and mess with people's eyes while they played so it would be a tad bit harder.

~ Story/Content ~

Here are some things that I think you could have done to make it better. (Note that I know you are a beginner, but these are things you can start working towards in the future)

Levels - I rather see a game like this with levels so you have a certain amount of points you need to gather before the level is over and you can go to the next level.

Upgrades - Both in between levels and during levels would be nice. You could have things such as:

1) Shields - Where you can take a couple of hits from the enemy before you can die. You can have these to buy between levels in a store and/or have random ones pop up during the game.

2) Invisibility - Make it so this only lasts for a certain amount of time, but while it's lasting the circles that follow you will just stop for awhile. Have this primarily pop up randomly during the level.

3) Slow Down - This can make it so the circles are slow for a small amount of time. Only have something like this during the level.

4) Invisibility - Make it so that for a short amount of time no matter what you run into you won't die.

Money system - Of course with a store you would have some sort of money system. This could be done by having random "money" pop up during the level that you could collect if you passed over it.

Just a few ideas.

~ Audio ~

This part is plain and simple. :P You just need a nice catchy song and along with it an option so people can mute it if they want to or not. That's really all that is needed, but if you wanted to do a little more you could add some audio when you get hit by an enemy, which represents dying.

~ Overall ~

Just so generic, but your a beginner so keep it up. I know you don't want harsh ratings, but don't look at the ratings as much as you do the helpfulness of a review.

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jezmillz responds:

And this review was quite helpful. Thank you for all of the great ideas. I will try to get some of this stuff into future games I make... Thanks again, some of this stuff I would have never have thought of.
(EDIT: I tried to change the glitch where enemys appear for a split second then come in like normal, but it is a glitch with the AI and I can't figure out how to fix it for some reason... The only possible way for me to fix it is if I make them spawn in the middle, but that would be a bad idea...)


This concept has been littering the Portal. I've seen this at least once a week. Congratulations for learning Flash or whatever, but come on!

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May 31, 2009
9:26 PM EDT
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