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Dress Up Poo

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Author Comments

I made this in 2005, using copypasted actionscript someone else made because I never bothered to learn anything in Flash. If you seen this before, it must have been on my old banned DeviantArt account before, where I used a weeaboo name. I'll try to make Flash stuff from scratch from now on, but this is just a good memorial of how much I sucked before.

Don't kill me plz.

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Anime faces were fun to play around with, but other than that, it's a little boring, and some of the pieces won't layer on top of one another well, which takes out some of the fun.

omg epic

you are good at arts

haha this is awesome

i have some songs that i could upload to go with this game if you ever planned to redo it. Ahh the wonders of poo in so many mediums :)

Good: It made me chuckle, well designed.
Bad: The poo is a bit small, as is its enclosed area. Maybe make a larger area for the poo, even with backgrounds etc.

Pretty good man :)

Haha, probably the most original dress up game.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Everything was perfectly fine with the drawings in my opinion. Art work was decent all around. I like that some things were scripted to go behind and some were scripted to go on top.

A small tip for the future or if you are ever going to redo this one is that dress up games are really cool when you have animated items to put on them. Perhaps something like a blinking eye, moving mouth, flapping wings, etc.. Anything that is animated really adds to the submission.

~ Story/Content ~

Just a random idea for a dress up game, but still a great idea for one. :P I haven't seen one quite like this. You had a lot of stuff to choose from, but you also had a lot of white space left over on the screen. I think it would have been much better and looked much better if you used the white space appropriately and spaced the items out a bit more.

Another thing to think about would be adding different backgrounds that the person can choose from. They could simply be different colors, different areas, etc.. Probably the coolest places would be a toilet, shower floor, bathtub, refrigerator, kitchen, couch, locker room, etc.. You could go on and on forever, but I would only have about 5 choices in one submission.

~ Audio ~

You should really add audio to your submission. All you would need would be some background music. It would probably be good if the person had a menu where they could choose from anywhere between 3-5 songs.

Don't forget a mute button also because sometimes people don't like to hear music while messing around with a dress up game.

~ Overall ~

Sorry for the harsh score, but I did feel it was missing a few elements that a dress up game should have. I hope the review was helpful and that you liked some of the tips that I gave you. Good luck in future projects!


"It has a sasuke hat :)."

Credits & Info

2.14 / 5.00

May 31, 2009
7:38 PM EDT