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NG Flagging Guide 2

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Author Comments

Edit: Daily 2nd? Lol, thanks ;)

I have written an improved flagging guide, I remember people complaining about visability of text on the previous one, so I made this one a little simpler in terms of looks, so I hope that helps. I have also thrown in a quiz to this one! Kidray also pointed out in his review of my last one that I missed explination of some obvious things, so I hope they are covered here.

I would have edited my last one but I lost the fla, so I spent sometime throwing a new one together, sorry if it seems a little bland. Anyway, there are some tips and everything here for you.

There's also some silly humour, I appologise :(

Leave a review, I respond to all eventually.




Every effort in making Newgrounds a better place is totally valid and have my respect! If you are willing to make this guide more pleasent to watch, I suggest you to make something more "visual", like recording your explanation in audio and making an animation based on that. I believe it would the more fun to watch, and would be more compelling to people, making them really understand how important it is to flag correctly. Hope this review is helpful to you.

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Little-Rena responds:

I don't have a microphone.

But yes, I can try to make it more visually attractive, I have the fla this time! I'll do it when I get a chance.


This was really, really helpful and informative. It's nice to know specifically what you're supposed to/ not supposed to flag and such. Hopefully it'll help the rest of the community understand the rules better too, since i know firsthand that most people don't want to sit through the FAQ pages and stuff. Thanks!

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Little-Rena responds:

The FAQ misses some of the things out too because there are somethings that get deleted that arn't mentioned in the FAQ.

Thanks :).

I really enjoyed the detailed explanation. Hopefully I can get a better whistle now. Thanks man :).

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Little-Rena responds:

I hope so!


"Vote 5 on 10 flashes, pasting this review on each one, to get tomfulp to make you a mod"
Just kidding.
Anyways, this flash was quite informative. Nice, very nice. Me likey. Although it's weird that I got every single question on the quiz right the first time I took it. Though, I did read everything beforehand, so it's not really weird. Also, NINE MISTAKES IN THE FLAGGING FLASH SECTION ALONE! THAT SCIENTIFICALLY PROVES THAT YOU ARE A MORON! LOL PWN3D3D!!!1 And why do you call yourself a princess in your profile name, when your profile clearly states you are male? Suspicous!

Little-Rena responds:

I'm glad you like it, the quiz was really only ment to be a recap more than anything.

I call myself a princess because I can ;)

I still don't understand flagging

I've flagged portal spam and racist stuff before as "malicious", and I've also flagged comments that were vulgar and racist. And for all that effort, I end up with a garbage whistle. So, basically, while you state the flagging "rules" as such, it seems they're subjective and really based on whim.

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Little-Rena responds:

Portal spam doesn't brake the rules in a lot of cases, so flagging spam is just a waste of time, as for racist stuff, it should be flagged as "hateful", a lot of it passes because people don't bother to check.

I can't see why vulgar/racist reviews wouldn't be deleted to be honest, they should be, maybe it's some of the other things you've flagged?

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4.28 / 5.00

May 31, 2009
5:54 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place June 1, 2009