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NG Flagging Guide 2

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Edit: Daily 2nd? Lol, thanks ;)

I have written an improved flagging guide, I remember people complaining about visability of text on the previous one, so I made this one a little simpler in terms of looks, so I hope that helps. I have also thrown in a quiz to this one! Kidray also pointed out in his review of my last one that I missed explination of some obvious things, so I hope they are covered here.

I would have edited my last one but I lost the fla, so I spent sometime throwing a new one together, sorry if it seems a little bland. Anyway, there are some tips and everything here for you.

There's also some silly humour, I appologise :(

Leave a review, I respond to all eventually.


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the info is outdated, but it's very helpful !

Better readability, simple structure, easily navigatable interface... really nothin' to complain about here! Solid guide overall. Definitive improvements over the previous.


Info is kind of outdated, but still good!

this is vary good info

ABUSIVE BELOW, SORTA. I got the top Whistle Stats the first time!
This is a pretty good quality Flash. I would recomend this to a person who has Garbage Whistle status. 5/5