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Walking Test

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Author Comments

This is my first submission to newgrounds. :)

What I present here is just a walking test featuring my comic character "Manderby". It was just great fun to create it. After a first try several years ago, I wanted to try again the posibilities of Flash. Seems like it defenitely is worth a deeper insight.

Click on the "Show Skeleton" button to view the work under the hood.

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Although simplistic in drawing style, one stays captivated due to an excellent story. It takes time to give love into animations, especially such long ones. You deserve to be proud of what you present here. Thanks for reminding us that such simple tales can root deep.

Manderby responds:

Hey, these were my words!

Good animation

It's good work, but this isn't a movie or a game. You titled it a test, which should be a clue that you try and submit this as an alpha. Or just look to the forums for feedback.

cool but...

His legs don't really look like they're attached to his body. They seem to float around his circular lower body.

When anything walks the whole body goes through a process of ups and downs, not just the legs. Maybe you were trying to give him a strange walk since he's a fictional creature of some sort but it still needs the ups and downs.

"The Animator's Survival Guide" by Richard Williams is an awesome book for animation and includes walk cycles. Check it out if you can. Hope that helps.

Manderby responds:

His body has ups and downs but not excessively. The legs were tricky. :) Thanks for the hint.


your walking cycle is fine, check the back of your character is a little bit rigid, try to put more feeling on him by moving a little bit more his column.
try to use curves, it can help to reference the attitude of your character

Manderby responds:

You're right, the column indeed does look very rigit now that I finished. Thanks for your observation.


Not a major submission, but it looks like you've got something pretty good going here. I was a little surprised to see something quite like this. You usually don't see many people putting some hard work into a walking test :D

But anyways, it looks good! Hope to see some bigger animations soon!

Manderby responds:

Thanks. More than I need to sleep well. :)

Credits & Info

4.52 / 5.00

May 31, 2009
4:44 PM EDT
  • Flash

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