Did You Hear That?

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[June 7th-13th]
After a message from Mr. Fulp himself, the collab is now front paged! I've never been front paged for anything I submitted. I have for a few collabs and such, but this was submitted under my name! So thank you so much to Tom, and to all the supports. Means a lot, and glad to see some extra exposure for the collab and its participants :)

[June 4th]
I'm pissed off at my own idiocy! I just realized that after all the work I put into this, I never gave it a preloader!!!! How many people watched it, all they saw was a white screen while it was loading, voted 0 and moved on!? Although it is frustrating beyond belief, I can't live in the past. Atleast it's fixed now. Ugh...


"Did You Hear That?" is a collaboration of sound and animation from 10 talented artists here on Newgrounds.

All participants in this collab were hand selected by me, Goat-Man. All activities in this collab were conducted through privatemessages. Meaning members had no interaction with each other, and never knew who they were working with.

Each member was told to hand in one random sound effect.The sound was allowed to be anything that they wanted. I took all handed in sound effects, and organized them into a random order. Each member was given this compiled sound file, and weren't allowed to change it in any way.

Since there were no interactions between members, each animation came out 100% different because they were unable to take ideas from one another.

The name "Did You Hear That?" came from the idea that each sound effect was interpreted differently. So each member heard and invisioned a different scene than the others.

This is actually the first time that members in the collab will be able to see everyone that they worked with throughout the project. But, that was really just me being a tease more than anything :P

Thank you so much to the members for your hard work and efforts.
This was a blast to work on, and I loved organizing it!
I hope you all love how it turned out as much as I do.


i didnt get it but still...........

kinda funny in a while nice collab but still dont get it?

Noodle responds:

Everyone was chosen randomly. They each passed in 1 sound effects. They were organized randomly, and the completed clip of all the sounds in order was handed back. Everyone animated to the exact same package of sounds in the same order.


Random as hell, just the way I like it, keep it up...

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Noodle responds:

Any day of the week!

I didnt get it

i still dont get it?

Noodle responds:

Each animator animated the exact same sounds, in the same order.

just to be ridiculous

i'm gonna give a bad review with a good score.

bllaaghaaaaghaaaghagagahh!!!!!!!!!!!! absolutely horribly terrible i mean who goes lalalalalalalalalallalalalalallaallal lalalaaallalalalalallalallalallallala lallalallallalla!!!??!!??!!??! and boom and crsh tinkle tinkle and gawoosh and bleep bloop blorp and grrrrrrrrrrr and squeak and vnnnnngadndnk and "punch noise" and stuff? omg!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhh!

Noodle responds:

Hm, embarrassing

yes as again

yours was best and to every other author you should lalaaaaaaaa
and they they will rawr
so then you get a squeak squeak
and then the duck saves you

Noodle responds:

And then an eagle crash lands to its demise

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May 31, 2009
4:38 PM EDT