3rd Arcana - The Empress

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My second submission! This one is a bit more complex than my first Arcanna, although it's still a small loop. Again, this is based on someone i know, a girl named Elise.
The background and the character itself are more detailled, so everything is not animated. (You know, don't want to overload the thing.
Oh! and this time, the sounds were fished on the internet, not handmade...I know, lazy me.


Interesting Effect

I was excited by the immediate look of the cartoon, but then dissapointed when nothing happened. Still, the simple changes in each frame makes the picture come alive. Add more motion, and maybe some dialogue.

Ramber responds:

Well, it's a small loop... But to imagine that someday i will be able to make a whole movie like this! (hum, and dialogue are coming soon... i have something in progress...)


Interesting but not very high up in ratings for me since it has no story, color or shading would improve it and one of the weird things about it is that there are certain items moving or waving around in the (wind?), like her hair and the tassel on the chair but the grass/wheat and the foliage is rock solid. Just animating the Grass would make it worlds better. And the back round (valley mountains forest) was very bland in the way that there was no movement, you may want to add in a bird of prey flying around the valley/mountains and tree branches swaying in the breeze. Its only your second Submission so just practice practice practice and do not get discouraged

Ramber responds:

Yeah, i know...I don't even know if these belong to newgrounds, as well, it's just an animation without any background.
I like your advice, it's so true...but as this work isn't really going anywhere, i didn't spent enough time on it. And don't worry, i am practicing at the moment!
Thanks for your encouragements!


I liked this loop, haven`t seen other of your animations though. The animation would be so much cooler if you draw a more realistic face? Anyway, thats my opinion, Keep up the good work! :D

Ramber responds:

Hic...if only i could draw a realistic face!

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2.99 / 5.00

May 31, 2009
4:04 PM EDT
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