Bowling Ball or Dead Baby

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Well since I have this new account I'm going to post my old videos to it. This was made way back in 2007. I went be the silly name Piegodproductions back then. I deleted the movies on that account so I can post them on this one. I can't edit it in flash for some reason since the actual video isn't showing up. Enjoy. More to come very soon. I submitted this back when the file size was still 5 MB lol.

Am I going to hell for this one?

Even though this movie is over 3 years old constructive criticism is still awesome. Thanks for viewing.


The age shows

It's hard to give a bad or good review of this, so I will do what I always do and go straight in the middle. The saddest thing is that this cartoon is even older now as I am reviewing it! Still, it wasn't really bad but I could kind of expect the joke that was going to be made. I guess I have heard too many dead baby jokes myself. The animation could be better as the edges of the clay figures do not seem smoothed out. Some of the lighting looks a bit off too.

I was thinking you would show us a picture of a bowling ball and a dead baby, but I am glad you did not. A graphic depiction would probably make me sad. The sound effects were decent and the audio synched up pretty well. The best part was when there was that bloody explosion. I didn't even quite understand what was going on in that scene.

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Dead baby jokes done with claymation!

Add more!

not really sure

dead baby jokes r not cool but it was kinda funny and claymation takes a lot of work sooooo good job?

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Clay animation, nothing too new or interesting


to be fair this was actually better than i expected. i bet you could make way better movies though so keep it up

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3.84 / 5.00

May 31, 2009
3:39 AM EDT
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