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Author Comments

Well, this is a game I started not too long ago. I decided not to finish developing it because it was a gameplay concept I didn't like very much. While it isn't finished, it is fully playable.

The Elements is a puzzle game where the player uses the four basic elements - earth, air, fire, and water - to remove other elements on the field. There are obstacles such as portals and boulders.

The main controls are:
1, 2, 3, 4 to switch between water, earth, fire, and air respectively
Space to fire
Left/Right to move
The controls are fully customizable under the options menu

Please read the instructions or you will probably become lost ;)

Last but not least.. don't mess with the level editor if you don't immediately understand how it works... its how I created the levels, but it is slightly confusing - enjoy!



fun at first than gets boring and the same thing over and over

iKonicStudios responds:

I'll admit the first 9-10 levels are basically the same :p

But after that a few twists start getting thrown in.

A good start

I can certainly see this becoming a decent game, if the time and effort is invested in it. I think that you didn't spend enough time explaining the setup of the game - the way it is set out looks like water will counter wood and air will counter fire, when if you go backwards around the wheel, water counters fire and ice (?) counters wood.

Perhaps you could switch to the traditional four element system - Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Wood just seems like a remnant of the Chinese system, which needs to be either taken out completely, or embraced, so that you have five elements in play.

I hope that you come back to this and try some more, it will be worth it!

[Review Request Club]

iKonicStudios responds:

Thanks a lot for reviewing this :)

I'm slightly confused with what you are saying, so I will try to explain what I was doing. It is only a four element system. It has earth, air, fire, and water. If you hit earth with fire, it remove earth. If you hit water with air it removed water. If you hit fire with water it removes fire. If you hit air with earth it removes air. I don't where wood and ice are coming from. Was it how I explained it in game that got a bit confusing?

As for coming back to finish it, I'm not so sure. Read the response to the review below this for a better explanation on that.

Again, thanks for the review!

it needs a little extra

not very fun it simplistic
add more things to do like challanges

iKonicStudios responds:

Ya, some people love it and some people find it boring. My main problem is.. a few people I had play it before found it complicated as it is now and I couldn't decide whether to add more or not.. I was trying to find balance where most people would like it.

Challenges were part of the original plan..if you notice the dialog explains what "Balance" is, this was one of the game modes and there were supposed to be a few more. If you have more specific ideas, let me know.

Thanks for your review

cool concept buutt..

It looks good, and I like idea of adding a forest to fire give you a fire element, but the game needs something more. But I guess that makes sense since you said that you didn't finish it, if you ever get some inspiration and decided to finish the game let me know.

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iKonicStudios responds:

Glad you liked it!

I wasn't going to finish it, but based on some of the reviews and the score, if I can think of something to give it that extra kick, I might


i do find it as interesting as any mixture of bubble bobble and bejewled. but it seems to lack an extreme of originality and it seems to slow paced for me even the hardest of levels left me wanting more of a challenge. I do admire how it started.. again it just needs more of a challenge

iKonicStudios responds:

Ya, like I was saying.. I didn't like the game play concept too much. Some people found the game very interesting while others didn't. I couldn't think of much to improve on to make it more interesting. I was thinking more modes, making times a bit shorter, etc.

It seemed the people who played it fell on two extremes. They either found it too easy or too hard

Thanks for the honest review :)

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Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

May 31, 2009
12:33 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other