Dan Hibiki vs Ryu

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My part didn't make the Street Fighter Collab and watching this animation you can see why. [Insert Laughter]. Anyways Dan Hibiki and Ryu are pitted against each other and the outcome isn't what you were expecting.

Music: Made in U.S.A. (Ken Stage) by Sixto Sounds
http://www.ocremix.org/in fo/OC_ReMix:_Super_Street _Fighter_II_Turbo_HD_Remi x_Official_Soundtrack
Voices: All done by me :D


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Not too shabby!

Pretty funny for the most part. Only part I didn't like was the over used " Over 9000" joke at the very end. I felt it was totally unecessary and just stupid. But hey, at least your not Rina Chan who spews out memes every 5 seconds so I'll let that slide. Keep up the good work!

samsonloftin responds:

It was originally not suppose to be in there, which is why it was so out of place. Some reason I wanted to add it in. Oh well. Still glad you enjoyed it.

A good laugh

While it's not quite what I expected, I did get a good laugh out of this piece - was the winning move a result of Dan's complete incompetence in dispatching the move, or a cunning ruse for Ryu to try the move himself, putting him into orbit?

A good smooth animation style, with good pace and some neat little facts about the game Street Fighter. I seriously can't believe that this didn't make the Street Fighter Collab, because you deserved to be a part of it. Perhaps there will be other collabs in the future that you can join in with and make even better contributions for them.

How long did this take to make? It looks like it's been prepared quite quickly at first glance, but in the end, if you look closer, you see that there are some pretty neat additions, which would have taken quite a while to put in place. The background, with people milling about for example, was a great piece that even some of the better animators on Newgrounds don't even think about.

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samsonloftin responds:

The winning move was a result of Dan's complete incompetence; however this version of the animation wasn't actually submitted to the collab. I had a weaker version of this animation with an awful desert background, and a poorly drawn Vegeta. The animation only took maybe 10 hours total, so it wasn't like I put alot of effort into this. Looking back, I wish I actually work more on it considering how short the animation was.


being an avid fan of DBZ i laughed at vegeta at the end... but the text at the bottom really keeps my eyes away from the action and the story line -_-..

samsonloftin responds:

Thanks for the review, but there really isn't much action or storyline involved in this movie lol. :D


"IT'S OVER 9000!!!" that quote has been used way to much on newgrounds! but nice movie i loved all the facts at the bottom of the screen :3 pluse the only reason this didn't make it into the collab is beacuse there was no hentai or dick jokes =)

samsonloftin responds:

I knew I should have added Cammy into the mix. Thanks for the review!

Danliness is next to Godliness

Anything featuring Dan and the Power of Saikyo is auto-win. The Saikyo is strong within you young animator.

samsonloftin responds:

Thank you for the review. I will continue to meditate and channel my powers more.

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3.34 / 5.00

May 30, 2009
10:48 PM EDT