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A really cool battle

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This battle is cool :D

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This was really good, but just one thing.

I loved the pokemon type battle system, and I also loved this flash overall , but the only thing that should have been improved was the length of the battle, it could be easy for " Suck " to do a set amount of damage, not just ending the flash and killing both of them.

its an amazing flash, dont get me wrong. Im just saying if it was made into an actual battle it could have been even better.

Good job, take my advice and you will go far, so many nerds and kids play pokemon and alot of people love this type of battle system, parody pokemon battles and videos would score HIGH on newgrounds and I must say its a good idea.

MartinSMcFly responds:

I haven't learned too much action script. But thanks!
Oh yes, and did I mention there's an alternate ending to the battle? It's secret, and no, it doesn't blend in to the white background.


This movie got me to break out laughing.

Could have been better.

All right

Honestly, the animation was pretty bad, but I had to laugh. It was just random enough to be amusing. Get some more polish and you'll go far. ;)


idunno. its funny. but utterly fucking stupid.

MartinSMcFly responds:

Thanks anyway! :P

That was...

AWESOME. Despite the NO EFFORT WHATSOEVER you put into it, that surpassed all my expectations. You sir, are King of the Portal.