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Auditor's Quest

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play as the Auditor but has no sound though

EDIT 1: Lost the original file if someone actually plays this after a year
the updated one had reload in it but then it was lost so all is gone all is left is this

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edit: The Spy Outfits are like Madness combat 5 hank. (also the leon shades)


good GAME! and PrimalParasite its dethklok not detkhlok

amazing nostalgic game.

lemme get the cheats more "explained"

plasticman = longer reach/arm

thetwins = infinite bullet time

gordonfreeman = immortallity

mooninites = bunny jumpin'

lockjaw = hank from MC 6

tehsavior = do i really need to tell you what it is? (Jebus)

trikkeh = isn't it obvious?

undead = play as a green faced + face (hhahahahahah ahh.. ah... cripe my jokes are crap ;-;)

clownkillsyou = laser guide (i dont know if this relates though)

heavyartillery = minigun (hahaha! little man is real man now, POOTISPENSERHERE! >:C)

chuknorris = kill everything instantly

booster = become Sanic

selfdestruct = nuclear explosions ( every enemy has grenades, launchers and stuff related to explosion)

jackiechan = close range combat, karate only! 私はあなたが翻訳者を使ったと思う

detkhlok = infinite ammo

and finally

realitycompromised = all cheats ingame (OMFG!)