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Space Beats

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Author Comments

UPDATE: A couple people have been asking for the game for their site - if anyone else wants it, please simply send me a PM and i'll send you a thumbnail of the size that you need, plus the .SWF.



Hi Newgrounds!

This is my third game (I think - who's keeping track anyways...). I'd have to say this is my best one yet.

This rhythm game has been helped IMMENSELY by the newgrounds community.

I actually remember posting in the audio forum a couple months back asking if anyone could help me out by letting me use their songs, and I got a lot of helpful, positive replies - so thanks NG, and a big thank you to all the music artists that allowed me to use their songs (check out the list to your left)!

Thank you to nocturnalhaunt.com - the site's owner is very good at graphics, and helped me with the game's reskin (the game originally looked really bad!).

This is also my first self-sponsored game (my last one got sponsored by arcade reign), in order to boost the launch of my new flash game portal (wish me luck!) - http://www.littlemonsterg ames.com.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term 'sponsoring', it means a company pays you to put their branding/logos in your game, in order to gain publicity and traffic to their website.

So I hope you enjoy the game - I'll read every comment, so please leave one :)


Edit: Newgrounds is only letting me credit up to eleven songs, so I've just credited 1 song per artist to be fair (there's nine artists, but over twenty songs). The full list of used songs can be found in-game (click on 'credits'). Thanks again music artists!


Edit: Haha, sorry guys! I accidentally uploaded a version without a preloader! I hope that didn't annoy you too much with a file that big :)

All fixed now though!




This is a freakin awesome game, and I like how you can sinc your own songs!!!!!

Awesome! :D

Only took a point off because of the rip.I liked the custom mode the most,because I could play my own songs.Good job!

littleMonsterGames responds:

Fair enough :)

Thanks for the 9/10 :)

I love it.

Especially the custom songs.

Not bad

Pretty good songs and music there. But I have to say there's not much new about this game. Not that it needs too much to make it a good game, a lot of people play DDR or games like these just for the fun of it some times and it's fine.

I find the colour scheme a little hard to follow. The metallic shine of the buttons makes them a little harder to see. I know that after a while you sort of memorize colours or which line is which button, but that takes quite a bit of playing to get adjusted to. For a beginner-ish person like me, I still depend on visual prompts to make sure I've got the correct arrow combination. And the colours made that a little hard at times.

And I also found myself scoring higher and better with the music turned off. Why? Because I felt at times alot of the buttons didn't line up with the music perfectly. Alot of these games rely on a steady pulse or a repeatable melody that's very rigid. Yours felt like it was floating alot here and there. I struggled to decide if the buttons were actually following a pulse at all and since most of the melodies weren't really distinct, i couldn't follow either.

Lining up the rhythm perfectly is the backbone of a good rhythm game. And I'm not sure it's there in this one.

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littleMonsterGames responds:

Hey that's some great feedback, I really appreciate the effort there!

Could you please expand on what you mean by the buttons (do you mean in-game?).

If you found that the music wasn't perfect in following the tune,it's because I'm using a custom music analyzer engine to create the arrows falling down, so I didnt have the option to manually adjust the tracks to make them perfect, like most rhythm games, such as guitar hero, etc. get to, so it isn't perfect. I'm still working on it though, so you'll notice some serious improvement next time

If you'd like to reply (I'm not sure if you can through the reviews), please send me a PM. Thanks!

Okay but,

Needs a quality switch. Once the game lags the arrows get offbeat which will pretty much destroy any player who doesn't have a good enough card for it, such as myself. 8/10 4/5

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littleMonsterGames responds:

Very helpful, thank you!

I didn't realize the game lags, since I have such a killer computer... :P

But yeah, if it lags for you it may do so for others. I'll update right away with a quality switch - at least for now the one in the right click menu.

Thanks again!

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