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Galaxy Gems

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PLEASE let me know of the bugs you find. I know it a bejeweled clone. just don't play it if it offends you.

Launch the spaceships from all the planets in the galaxy by matching the refueling gems. A easy
game of match. Don't worry the game remembers which levels you complete.

Click and drag gems into rows and columns of 3 or more. You can drag swap a gem only if it makes a match. You can swap gems diagonally, horizontally and vertically. Make blast gems by combine 4 or more. Click the blast gem to activate it.

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Just happened upon this while searching for a bejeweled type game. I really enjoyed it. I love the fact that there is no timer so I can play it at work in between customers. Good job man.

Gotta love those gems

I have played many a game similar to this, but this was still quite fun to play, simply because these kinds of games are good. I again can not believe that my data has been saved when I first played this game back in 2009! My biggest complaint is that you have to click between the gems to progress further in the game. It actually does require more strategy the more you play it. I guess it is kind of unique for a game of its kind. I can just get frustrated and click anywhere on the blocks to try to get ahead.

Decent in a Good Way

I like it, but of course there are a few problems I have with it.

Besides just trying to get a higher score than the previous level, it didn't really feel as if it were getting harder. I would have liked to see the addition of bombs akin to Hexic and the like to add difficulty. I also do not like the tip-offs to move blocks into alignment, although it is a feature seen in several puzzle games. The music, while repetitive, is well-chosen for the game.

I played up to the 13th level, but it began to become tedious after around the 7th; I could not see myself playing the game all the way through. However, I could see myself playing it once or twice more, maybe just to stay in the top ten for a little while longer. Overall, while it's been done countless times before, I found the game to be quite enjoyable. 3/5.

one bug I found:

If you use a breaker (I think you called them that :-p) the new sets of gems don't break, you have to make a new set somewhere and then they break, I hope you understand what I mean :D

I can dig it

First of all I love games like this. Second, this one was pretty rad. I dug the rocket blasting off and it was all just well done. Rad.