Baby Baboon

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A song about baby baboons, which is surely everyones favorite baby.


I had to go to a shrink after a saw this

THen after a few times going there I finally told him the name of the video and he wathed at home.In the morning I came to his office and saw him rolling on the floor with a crazy face singin.
Its a baby baboon Its a baby baboon Its a baby baboon ahahahahaha.
And then some guards took him away.The last thing I heard of him was that he was in an asaylum.

you shold rate it teen

becas baboons have big butts

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I CAN'T GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAD AND I AM FORCED TO WATCH IT EVERY DAY BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN GET SONGS OUT OF MY HEAD AND IT'S NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it's a great song since it's stuck in my head. CURSE YOU GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thank you for making a song about a baby baboon that is very catchy


HELP! I can NOT get this song out of my head! Seriously, my husband woke me up around 5 am to tell me I was humming a song over & over IN MY SLEEP! Well, you know how married couples are supposed to share right? Well, I thought he should at least have the chance to decide for himself if he liked it or not..........I played it for him at the breakfast table & by the way the kids were acting, ROTFLTA'sO!
Well you know what they say about paybacks? Somewhere around 3:30pm my husband calls me from work to say "thanks a LOT......I can't get your damned baby baboon song out of my head.........I guess it didn't come with an off switch.............I told him it's a loop & just keeps bouncin' along! Gotta work tonight, I'm a paramedic & I wonder what this could do to an entire station house of emergency personnel? Could turn-out to be interesting......I'll let ya know!
Thanks so much for sharing this. I'm still laughin' 2 days later!
Maegi Mc

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This song really speaks to me...

It's so creative! Who would've thought you could become an internet sensation just because of a baby baboon with a spoon on the moon playing the kazoo?

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May 30, 2009
7:34 AM EDT
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