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Old MacDonald's Farm ep1

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*This, as you can see, is an old animation. I have kept it on only to show the progress I have made since I started flash, and I can do much better now.*

Original text:

Hello, I am KoalaFire, and this is my first Flash video ever.
I am quite proud of how it came out, and I might update this, since it doesn't have a Background or audio (sorry). It is also a little on the short side.
-The story:-
This basically happens around a petting zoo, which is close to my house, called "Old MacDonald's Farm". I really like it, and the people are nice, so I decided to make a Flash video of the farm. The series will progressively get better.
Main characters so far:
Pygmy Goat- Jack
-Baby Turkey- Trostle.-

I hope you enjoy it.


Hi Buggo

It was okay. As just about everybody said, sound would make it better. Everything went by too fast, also. couldn't exactly tell what was going on, other than that there's a bird and a koala. Keep practicing, and maybe someday you'll get on the front page ;]

(PS: That'll take a very, very long time.)

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KoalaFire responds:

lol, thanks

Nice art but terrible movie

The art was pretty good and you could make some good quality movies with that and I know it was just your first attempt. Definately add sound, it's not a real movie without it. Also, the text is way too fast to read, slow it down a bit.

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KoalaFire responds:

Yes, I need to experiment with the text more.

wow really good

maybe you could look in to making your own preloaderand yeh extremely good for a first try but yeh add some sound and it could become a great series

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KoalaFire responds:

Thank-you, I will add sound as said before, to the next one if not this one.

what no sound?!?

It wasn't too badly animated for a first time but you could have atleast worked on some sounds effects

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KoalaFire responds:

I might add sound to this one, if not this one, then the next for sure.
Thanks for the review.

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1.15 / 5.00

May 29, 2009
8:25 PM EDT
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