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Site Lock your flash game

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Learn to Site Lock your flash games with this tutorial, covers AS2, and AS3, Released before by me.
AS3 Credit to Mosh2841, Kongregate User!
EDIT: ok, I did NOT realize that I had put "Kongregate" In big bold letters on the front LOL, I want to apologise lol, I don't know how kindly you guys take to Kongregate users, as I am a regular there and a moderator, I hope that doesn't effect my revues or ratings =P

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So... Every time I search for how to do this on the internet... I end up here... But the answer for site locking to newgrounds is NOT in this tutorial. So... To save myself some hassle next time I search the internet and end up here...

THE ANSWER IS: uploads.ungrounded.net

When you need it, you'll know what to do with it. :)

-John Mark

Hey thanks

I've been wondering how to do this. For the sheer sake of helpfulness, this should have gotten a higher rating. These are the kinds of specific tuts that NG needs more of.


useful codes

no music
not much color

i know this is just a code tutorial, but that doesn't mean it can't have a little bit more color or a more explosive background. plus, there isnt any music. but other than that, it's a useful code that i can use for any game that i might make eventually, so this is helpful. 4/5, 8/10

MossyStump responds:

Understood :D I threw this together in an afternoon after one of my friends was complaining about having one of his games re-uploaded on Kongregate, didn't think much for design. Thanks for the input :D