Freaks Come Out At Night

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The Freaks come at night and get you when you least expect it!
::Learned how to make a preloader recently so that helps. Based off loony toons idea behind the floating eyes in the dark::

Okay, ill admit i didn't think this make top 5 nor do i think i deserve number 1. Well for the sounds i searched all over the web for and i was very tough on which sounds i used. I really wanted you people to like it. I do see i failed and I apolagize. Maybe ill remake it with a silloutte or something. Ahh yes I also go to school and work a full time job so your going to see what you call "Crap" untill next semester when i actually take a flash class. One more thing, I really put effort into this one. Check my last movies and you will see that this is like an artist worked on it compared to my other stuff that looks like a 2 year old made it. By the way thank you for at least watching my movie.

Review my movie too! I love reading reviews!


Wow that was junk

What was that, some eyes and some sounds, maby a flashlight and some fire. thats about it. This is definatly a short day for newgrounds

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Umm... No

Just when I thought yesterday's daily feature would be the worst flash to get the award in a long time, I was proven wrong! Newground's days are numbered, if entries this badly made continue continue to beat out even crappier entries for the daily award.

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How did it make the Top 5 Again?

Oh well, it was cool. =D Definitely original.

How the HELL did this get Daily Feature?

All it was was badly drawn eyes moving across the screen and horrible repetitive sounds.
"but it took me a week to make!"
All that means is you SUCK at Flash. I could make this in 5 minutes.
Every time i think about this being #1 it makes me want to cry.

PrinceNova responds:

oh what do you know, all your movies have bad scores and you never made it on the top 5? Hmm, do i smell jelousy? Sorry buddy. All your movies look like they took 2 seconds. Sorry Buddy, they have been eyes but timing with sound is hard and all your movies have crappy timing.

Ok Pretty Funny

That little giggle made me laugh. That was ok you culd of put a lot more effort in but good job keep up

PrinceNova responds:

This movie took me a week to make and many hours a day to get how i wanted. People don't understand that even though it was only eyes it still takes work to make. Thanks for the review.

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1.61 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2002
7:58 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature April 9, 2002