[LL] - Tourettes

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Just a quick short I made whilst I was motivated.
Hope you enjoy it!


hmmmmmm Music

loz Windwaker???? orrr classy remake

i cant make up my mind

Madanimation responds:

It's that actual song ripped from the actual game.

High quality crap

The animation is great, and the music is pretty good.

Other than that it sucked. The joke was hugely predictable, and even if it hadn't of been, it still isn't funny. Why do people continue to use synth voices?

Madanimation responds:

Because non of our voices have broken!

Short is good.

It was short but if it had been any longer it would have killed the punchline.

Madanimation responds:

I solidly agree with you.
Thanks for the review!

Haha, good stuff

Short but sweet. Good job on that.

Madanimation responds:

Thanks for the review!

Not too bad,

No actually it was better than not to bad. This sure was a nice quick flash and was delivered quite well I do say. I will have you know chap that tourettes isn't about swearing loudly and and unexpectedly. It is also about uncontrollable habits called ticks by the tourette sufferers. It is not to be kid around, tourettes is serious business.

Just sykeing it is downright hilarious.

Madanimation responds:

The actual reason I created this was because I have a tick myself, a very annoying twitch in my neck that I have had since I was about 10.
Thanks for the review!

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3.54 / 5.00

May 28, 2009
6:45 PM EDT
Comedy - Original