Jesus Vs Mythology

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Why the Mythology is gone?
Why people started to believe in only one God?
The reason is simple.
This is a parody of how the mythology disappeared.

IMPORTANT: It's just a parody, not a tribute to Jesus or anything like this, it's just a simple flash video.

Enjoy and find the four bonus features:
Jesus as Child - Click on Hamster
Time to Kill - Click on Mp3
The ressurection - Click on Fishy
Special - Click on Letters


HOW the f*ck can this be good,the voices were trashy,the detail is just pure sh*t! and also hair isnt even supposed to look like strings,just hair,ur just gonna have to retry when u get WAY BETTER,bout a years work of training would do...,so get to it THEN retry it,maybe come up w/ a better story line too?!


Hilarious! Although the voices could use some work, they weren't the best. And Hera's was outright annoying (which is probably the point).

yea your wrong

Greek mythology turned into roman mythology then was destroy by Judaism then Christianity and your flash sucks

... the real Jesus rules ...

but your video is crap ... sorry ...


The ones who complained about its religious content are viewing this on a website with banners of demons and mythological creatures in MMORPGs, adult content humor and the logo which is a man in a tank, symbolic of war. Oh, but the mention or depiction of Jesus offends them?

Those bible thumpers shouldn't sneak to sites like this just to interfere with your right as an American to freedom of sppech (which most post up here FOR FREE) to entertain those of us who love artowrk/anime/parodies/etc. Authors like you will ALWAYS get 10/10 from me for going against the grain of paranoia. Great job.

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3.41 / 5.00

May 28, 2009
1:59 PM EDT
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