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Omgiitsaomsfc #2

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Well, here is my second Omgiitsaomsfc flash. First flash this year - hell yeah!
Took me some weeks to make due to some school work.
Hope ya all like it.

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About the same as the first.

I got a few good laughs out of this one. My favorite of the sketches was when you used the sound effect from South Park about Hybrids, that was hilarious. It was good to see some of the jokes from the last one too, like the Pokemon skier and Aids joke. You show skill that you can actually take simple sprites and make them funny, good job on that.

Wasn't too different from the first flash about this topic. Granted, the jokes were somewhat corny, but they did make me laugh. The voices you used were pretty good too. The only thing I wasn't too impressed by was that the lip sync was often out of sync, and that some of the sketches didn't require too much creativty. Aside from that, I found this to be highly entertaining. Keep up the great work!

iShirm responds:

Thanks for the review!
Gonna try to get some joke writer next time, or at least try to get better in that area. Thanks again, cheers!

lol aids

but dont laugh about that ^^ im not a big fan of sprites as i find tham boring. so thats not just yours but nearly every sprite out there on NG and the world (unless its a rlly fun game like donkey kong lol) so dont hate me.

hehe baguette ^^

iShirm responds:

Nobody hates you ;) thanks for the review.


I'm a fan (not a very huge one though) of sprite movies. I've watched a fair share of them. Most of the animation here was pretty decent. But then again there wasn't much to animate because most of the animations were simple movements and the large part of the content was based on the gags.

But the gags were too slow, too shallow and too boring for the most part. Being random doesn't always equal being funny. It's how you put it into context and how you use it that makes it good or funny. Alot of the gags here were just empty and filled with a couple of random sounds and things. Wasn't particularly funny.

Sprites are a great way to get content across. I have no qualms using sprites to deliver great gags, as long as the gags are great.

Also, when working with sprites, it's sometimes a good idea to keep them small. No need to enlarge the image until you can see the pixels. I'm sure some sprite animators here know this because sprites are meant to be small. And within their own game context, we're already used to seeing them at that size and we can see the details. Blowing them up only concentrates on the pixels and actually makes them look worse. No need for that at all. Keep them small and it'll work just as fine and the sprites will look better.

Work on improving the content and the humour value of the entire flash. Get some good solid writing down and really bump up the entertainment factor.

iShirm responds:

don't give a damn..

lol i want Strudel too!

was ok and i liked how you used the rammstein music ;)

go on (and work on that humor ;) )

iShirm responds:

Thanks, will do ;)

I Agree

with JT, I mean it was a good watch if you were just chillen you know? But it just doesn't really stand out, I can tell you spent some time and effort on it; However next time just work on the jokes a bit more i think and you'll be solid dude. (not that I'm a great comedian either, so this could just be catering to a certain type of sense of humor and maybe its not mine and JT's for the most part)

Good job though.

iShirm responds:

Hmmm, well humor isn't my strong side :P But I promise I'll try to put in some better jokes. Thanks for the comment.

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3.29 / 5.00

May 28, 2009
11:28 AM EDT

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