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Ooohhh! Pantalones!

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This is a piece I made for this months animation club screening night.

The theme was pants, and I was thinking about what to do while hanging out with a columbian friend and her kids. I looked at some of the childrens books in spanish and it got me thinking of all those "lets learn another language" school books and how dumb they are... which then led to me making this. I didn't get it finished in time, which is a shame because I really wanted to watch it on a big screen.

I haven't had anyone who speaks spanish watch it yet, and I translated it using a dashboard widget on my mac. I hope it's wrong... that'd be perfect.

Anyway, sit back, relax, watch, enjoy and please leave a review if you feel so inclined.


Exactly like it...

This is JUST like those dumb kid shows we have (regardless of language)... they all HUGELY undermind the kid's intelligence hahaaha

TheBoogley responds:

hey kids, we use our noses to smell things, can you say nose... ... ... VERY GOOD :D

Never use translators

Don't worry your translator widget sucks, but the movie was funny enough.

No te preocupes el traductor que utilizaste apesta, pero la película cumplió con tu objetivo

TheBoogley responds:

all translator widget's suck, and I knew this would be wrong. I'm hoping that someone thinks they know a few spanish phrases and tries them out... that's what would be funny! :3

my widget translated your spanish as;
"Do not worry that you used a translator sucks, but the film met your goal"
gracias amigo :3

preguntas retoricas demandan respuestas filosofica

¿Acaso no todos somos como ese perro? ¿Nuestra futil existencia y nuestra corta vida no se nos va en averiguar como diablos se ponen los pantalones?¿Y aun asi, cuando creemos haberlo aprendido bien, somos el hazmerreir de los demas? Por que, Por que dios mio nos pones a vivir esto?! Y tu Neil... tu mas vale que tengas una buena respuesta!

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TheBoogley responds:

I was never good at philosophy, but pants are like a barrier between our natural selves and the world. They separate humans from animals, keep us warm, conceal our private parts, allow us to create a new identity for ourselves through fashion. Perro struggles to understand this and we make fun of him.
how's that?
suficientemente bueno? :3


its kinda like dora and theres a twist at the end nice

TheBoogley responds:

there's a twist in his tail :)


me gusta mucho tu estilo :D

TheBoogley responds:

Me gusta mucho los que se enfrentan :3

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4.13 / 5.00

May 28, 2009
4:33 AM EDT
Comedy - Original