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so heres a trailer i made for a series i'm doing. i wasn't going to make a trailer at first but i was waiting on some VO to be done for ep1 and i'm like meh, why not. theres an original scene that wont be in the series, and then a bunch of clips from ep1 and ep2. i know, my art style is messy, and i'm a bit lazy, but i hope you enjoy your first look at "Sleepless", and the world of El'Equine. i hope this series blows you away!


But, What does it mean?

It's so bright, so vivid...

I didn't like the blond girl's voice, it seemed a little old.

The art did not convince me at all. you should get a easy to draw style, maybe it'll look better.

anyways i'm looking up for this.

Sci-Fi responds:

seriously LMAO!!!! thats cool man

clap, clap, calp....

Truly a beginning of something epic... The voice acting and the animations are very convincing. Only point I didnt like was the typo, but the rest was great!

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Pretty sweet, dude!
Good voice actor, good music, looks cool!
Looking forward to the epicness of "Sleepless"!

Sci-Fi responds:

i like your use of the word epic! lol

Eclipse venture

this trailer is amazing! if i do say so myself. which i do HAHA


I am anticipating the full episode, I have never seen your work before and therefore I expect perfection.

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4.28 / 5.00

May 27, 2009
7:07 PM EDT
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