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This is a simple skill avoider game. When the rectangle is moving it can damaged by the yellow circles and it can collect the blue circles. After collection the blue circles move it to the safe area.

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too easy

All you have to do is sit your block in the safe area because the yellow circles can't get in there and wait for the blue balls (heheh, I said blue balls) to come to you and you beat the level. Not enough features like powerups and progression, but you have the basics of a good short game here

No good


Lacks Replay Value

Adding things like upgrades, different levels, changing the size/location of the safe area etc would really help to alleviate the repetition here. It's a great idea, but could be made much better.


It is not a bad game but soon became repetitive, you shoud more differentiate the various levels...

Awesome twist, but no basics.

This is a very good twist on the mouse avoider genre. The ability to stop and be invincible but inactive is a really cool idea that I would love to see implemented in a game with a little more meat to it. Of course, there lies the problem in that this game doesn't.

Each level a few more balls are added, the safe zone shrinks a little bit and that's it. No real advancement and no end in sight. Where are the other kind of enemy balls that behave differently? Where are the power ups? Where are all the basic elements of a really spectacular mouse avoider?

Like I said, you've got a truly unique, innovative and enjoyable twist on the genre but unfortunately you lack all the basics to make it a good game. I'd recommend adding in a few more features (and a definitive level progression) and you'd wind up with a real winner on your hands.

By the way, were the balls supposed to be magnetic? They definitely behaved that way what with the sticking together and sling-shotting off of each other...

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3.81 / 5.00

May 27, 2009
7:07 PM EDT
Skill - Collect